Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello again....

I think I had and recovered from a minor midlife crisis (yes...sad to say but I think my age qualifies me for that). Seriously. I think it started when I took a week off from the gym due to some pretty good muscle fatigue and lack of being able to recover in a timely fashion from my workouts...then a week later went back and still felt like crap and promptly injured my right hamstring doing what? don't know. But it hurt. Bad. Lacking the natural endorphins that my body has become accustomed to on a regular basis I promptly started feeling sorry for myself. Feeling sorry about my life know doing the single mom thing 99.9% of the time by myself, taking care of this big old house and yard by myself, supporting my girls 100% by myself, being just plain old completely and absolutely exhausted...physically, mentally, emotionally.... everything. Wondering what the hell I did to deserve this load of crap that has been dealt to me. Then I would of course start feeling guilty for feeling like my life was crap as I am extremely blessed. I'm healthy (except for the stupid leg...but I have a leg none the less), my kids are healthy,smart,kind, beautiful little people, I have a great job, I have some great people in my life, I'm smart, I have a lot going for me....and yet....blah, blah, blah. So no, I didn't buy a new convertable sports car, or find myself a 21 year old hottie, or tatoo or pierce myself in odd places. I almost sold my house, but decided to not do that at the moment (i did decide to try to finish my painting projects just in case I got the overwhelming urge to sell again, I will be ready). So how did I come out of my funk? Being the rebel that I am, I put red in my hair...seen nicely in the sun here....

I also bought this necklace here . It is blurry here, but it has 2 little initials on "I" and an "E".
I splattered some paint on some paper (not seen here), but decided that making a mess with paper, paint and glue tends to make me a happier person.

Thus a scrapbook page, seen all cockeyed here.

Then I decided to go see the chiropracter who told me I was inches away from my pelvis twisting itself in circles and my neck falling apart (so i'm exagerating a bit). She pounded on me a bit and told me I needed to spend thousands of dollars coming to see her so I could be all better. I then went and saw my trainer and he stretched the crap out of my legs which are incredibly tight. I hate stretching. Always have. It was almost worse than giving birth. I was feeling a bit better, but still in a funk. I turned the t.v. on one night and looked at my dvr'd stuff, randomly put on a joyce meyer show (group I went to cambodia with last year) and it was about feeling sorry for yourself. Had to laugh. Decided that I was just plain stupid for feeling sorry for myself and that I was not going to let any human being make me feel bad about my life or myself ever again (yes, i know that probably won't last but right now it is working for me). And so, I've been pretty good since then. Having fun with my girls, painting walls, painting random papers, taking pictures, reading, going to a big old art festival tomorrow, looking forward to a much needed vacation in a few weeks. So that is it. The story of my life the last month or so. Hope it was an enjoyable read. I'm hungry, going to go have a bowl of cereal (my new food obsession...) Good night.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been a while

Didn't realize how long it had been since I updated. Been having a little flooding around here. Luckily, it really hasn't affected me other than I have lost one of the routes to get to my is what it currently looks like.

We all got our hair cut on Thursday. Emma was very adament that she was getting it cut short. I tried to talk her out of it, but she wanted nothing to do with it, so I decided to let her do what she wanted. When we got to the hair salon, she looked through all the magazines and picked out her favorite and chopped off about 8 or so inches. I about cried. Bella, who was just going to get a trim, also got into the spirit of hair cutting and chopped a ton too. Here are the results.... I wasn't so brave and still have my long hair. Have a lovely day...will try to post more often.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scrapfaith Layout

Here is my layout for the Scrapfaith site (can't seem to make the link work so go to the sidebar for it). Go check out the other girl's layouts also. The topic was what 3 spiritual truths do you want to pass on to your kids.

That is about all for now....except.....SOCCER IS OVER!!! Doing a little happy dance here. Last game was Saturday, we kicked some buttocks...Bella scored 2 goals and had about 4 assists...was a good game.