Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thanks to all that checked in. I appreciate knowing someone is here and that I am not talking to no one.

So an update on my quest to lose my baby fat....I have actually been sort of trying for about 4 weeks. By sort of trying I mean that my workouts have increased to about 3-4 per week and I am trying to watch what I eat. I am not doing the hard core diet yet as I am a bit nervous about my ability to keep feeding my child if I diet too much (breastfeeding). So as much as I would like to get this stuff off fast, I am taking a more moderate approach in the best interest of my lovely little baby. So I struggled with being famished last week and didn't do so well on my workouts have improved remarkably though. Feeling much stronger and a little less lard like as I move.

Overall here are my stats:

Down 4.4 lbs, 3.5 inches off of my waist, 1.5" off my hips and 1" off of my thighs. I actually thought I was doing much worse than this so writing this stuff down has been useful as I don't feel like quite as much of a loser...still a ton more to go but a decent start.

My workouts: (2 weeks worth)
Sept 7-12
8th: 2 mile run (thought I might die)
9th: cardio intervals on the AMT (fancy super cool better than elliptical machine)
3 sets of balance squats, one leg bridge on each leg
cardio intervals on AMT
2 sets (ran out of time) of squats with shoulder press, one leg row, v-crunch
10th: 30 min walk pushing Lila in the stroller
11th: 1 mile run/warmup
2 sets of balance squats, one leg bridge, v-crunch
AMT intervals
2 sets of squat with shoulder press, one leg row, ab-x crunch machine

Sept 14-18
14th: 2.5 mile run (felt much better today...didn't feel like a total tub of lard)
15th: 1 mile run/warm up
express weight training circuit + abs (8 weight machines moving from one to the next quickly)--2 sets
16th: walk pusing Lila 20 minutes
17th: 1.25 mile run + 15 minutes on AMT doing intervals
18th: 10 minute walk/warmup
express circuit x 2 sets

So there you have it...what I have been doing.

Now something more exciting...some pics....
Lila last week in our yard

Bella turned 11 last Monday...time flies!

And finally me having a little fun with my baby that loves to stand. Since she has been staying home with her Daddy a lot these past few weeks they have been practicing standing...she seems to love it. She was actually standing by herself...i would let go and snap a pic quickly =)

Had enough of the fun...

Well that is all for now, have a lovely day

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anyone still here?

So I thought it was about time for a proper update. I don't know if anyone still reads this after my poor blogging history over the past few months...but if you still do...check in so I know to keep blogging otherwise, what is the point?

So we will start back 7 weeks ago to the birth of the lovely Lila. I did end up having a stupid c-section. I really thought I was going to go into labor the Sunday before she was born, was having painful contractions every 8 min or so all night long and then they stopped Monday morning...and then nothing. Wednesday arrived and I had decided that if I hadn't gone into labor we would do the repeat section...wasn't thrilled, but I also didn't want a stuck baby as she grew fatter and fatter (as what happened to the lovely Bella). So yes my lovely Frytown surgeon friend I did end up saving my pelvic floor musculature, but we pediatricians worry about ripping babies out of the womb when they aren't quite ready and all the badness that happens because of I was quite nervous about the whole thing. But she was more than ready to come out and was screaming very loudly as soon as her head was out...(warning very mildly bloody photo below =)....
The circulating nurse apparently loved cameras so she was more than happy to snap a few shots of the whole thing.

One of Lila's first photos....She was 7 lbs 8 oz (my smallest baby by about a pound) and 20 inches long

Me and my baby about 1 hour old....

Lila and her daddy...

The view from my room...state capital

Everything went really well. I don't want to sound braggy or anything but I am pretty proud that I kicked this c-section's buttocks thoroughly. I was up and around very quickly, minimal pain and felt remarkably well...perhaps it was all my hard work with working out the entire pregnancy? My nurses at the hospital thought I was a strange abnormality and kept telling me I was a boring to ease their boredom, I checked out early and came home to all the "little mommies" that almost drove me crazy with their desire to be helpful and crazy I thought long and hard about checking myself back into the hospital just to get away from all of them =).

So since then have just been busy...
State Fair...

First day of school...


Taking care of my baby....(who by the way is the super coolest baby ever...)

So to end with, a few photos of my nonbaby children so that they don't feel neglected =)

One more thing...I have a crapload of weight to lose (one thing the regular workouts didn't seem to help unfortunately). Those that have been long time readers may remember I documented my bodybugg experience on here 3+ years ago when I lost 17ish pounds. This time I have about 30 to lose to get back to my prepreggo weight. So I think I will start doing that here on a weekly-ish basis...will keep me honest perhaps? So if anyone would like to join me...that would be great. All for now...later.