Tuesday, March 31, 2009

23 weeks

Here is my latest photo of me. 23 weeks...hard to believe in less than 4 months she will be here. Perhaps I should start planning.....still have a few months to worry about that. Anyway, she is very active which eases my always worried mind.

Happened to look out the window the other day after the lovely (very sarcastic there) spring snow. Incredibly bright sunset. Too lazy and too cold to go out so you can see the screen marks on the pic. oh well. I really detest winter...wish it would start acting like spring. That is all for now. see ya.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belly shots

Good evening. For the one lovely human who expressed interest in seeing my enlarging belly, here they are. I did not post the shots I took at 5 6/7 weeks as my belly was not clothed and I feel weird about my naked nonpregnant looking belly being posted on the WWW. In retrospect, looking at it now, it was very flat and toned....big sigh....anyway as much I struggle with losing my very hard worked for body, I wouldn't change a thing...And so, we pick up at 13 4/7 weeks. It may not look like much to those that don't know me, but I am definitely very "thick".

Next...we skip a few weeks and head to 18 5/7.

And most recently, last week at 20 5/7....That's all I got. Hope it was thrilling.

What else...My pubic symphysis has already become unstable and hurts like crazy. I'm having braxton-hicks contractions which is kind of freaky, but mr. doc tells me the more kiddos you have the earlier you feel them. This baby is pretty active and strong...you can actually see my belly move from the outside. And last but not least....Maternity clothes SUCK. Seriously? Why would I want to wear some cute poofy thing with a bow? (no offense to those that like cute poofy things with bows but it is so not me) I was hoping in the 6 years that have passed since I last did this things would have improved. nope. that is all for now, have a lovely evening.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Runner's High....

It is warm today....I can not tell you how happy that makes me. If I never had to experience cold again, I would be a very happy girlie. So, feeling wonderful today. I worked out this morning...was about 2.5 miles into my brisk walk and decided I couldn't take walking anymore and starting jogging (don't tell my mommy she will worry =). Jogged the last mile and it was wonderful beyond words. I seriously think I have a major runner's high going on right now. I felt like crap the first trimester and was afraid of causing bodily harm to the kiddo, early second tri everytime I moved up and down felt as if I was going to lose control of bodily functions...now not so bad...so it has been quite a few months since I have jogged and I have missed it a lot...today was just a confirmation of that. Not sure how long I can continue as I'm sure my belly will be bouncing all around soon....but it was good to do at least once again....then I'll be back to my walking and super fancy AMT machine (a jazzed up elliptical machine that I think gives a much better workout and the machine I credit that I can still run a mile without dying even though I haven't run in 5 months). Speaking of my belly. I have been taking periodic pics of it, perhaps if my runner's and spring weather high continues, I will post those sometime soon. To leave you all a picture....started making a little baby album for the alien (as we so lovingly call her...after her 3D ultrasound pic @ 11 weeks). I only have the cover done, better than nothing. Got the album @ walmart...martha stewart line. adios.