Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorry so slow.....

been a bit busy =)..... Miss Lila Kate Milani arrived July 22nd at 9 a.m. She is healthy, beautiful and loved much by all. Promise more later....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 38 weeks

The end is in sight....Doing well. All my whining and feeling like absolute crap ended last Friday night after I decided to play softball with all the girls. My thought with participating in such an activity was that as crappy and crampy as I was feeling perhaps I would go into labor with a bit more physical exertion....didn't happen. In fact, when I got done the pretty significant pain was much decreased as was my swelling. By the next morning, I could walk without feeling like I wanted to cry and I felt 100% better. Not sure what happened...must have jostled the baby around to a new position and she moved to a much more comfortable for me position. Anyway, feeling fine now...wondering if that is good or bad as far as going into labor. Here is my 38 1/7 week picture.

Went to the doc today. Had an ultrasound to estimate the size (which as you may know is not very accurate at this point). The estimated weight was 6 lb 14 oz today. So now I need to take that possibly inaccurate information and make a decision on whether I want to do my repeat c-section or see what happens. I am pleased the weight appears to be much smaller than my other kids were, but it still doesn't make the decision easy...lots to think about. Anyway, that is all for now. Have a lovely evening, I think I will go eat some ice cream =)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A few more pictures....

Here are a few of my maternity pictures that we took a few weeks ago. There are about 60+ of them that I thought were really good. I'm kind of hard to please in the picture taking arena, so I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot to chose from. Here are a few of the more internet appropriate ones. There were some other really good ones that I just don't feel terribly comfortable these are what you get.
I'm probably going to print them all off relatively large and make a nice book of them. Probably won't be hanging anything on the wall, but I think I will really enjoy looking back at these in the future.

I really like this one...there was more to it that ruined the whole pic so we chopped it off and it ended up being just a pic of us...which has rarely existed.
Another one of the 2 of us....
My belly and some pretty flowers....
Me.....(pictures of me are also quite rare)
Another one of us....perhaps even wall appropriate

I am a little hesitant to include this last one as some may not find it appropriate, but I think it is my favorite one...I find it very artistic. And who knows....since you can't see the face...maybe it is me, maybe not...might have just pulled it off the internet randomly......

Anyway, no other baby news to report. Nothing is happening unfortunately. I hurt like crazy. Honestly don't know if I have felt anything quite like this before. Getting up, walking, getting dressed...all of it makes me want to cry. The c-section is starting to sound like a very pleasant option. Hopefully all will be done soon....gotta run for now. Later.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Computer is back....

So my computer is back....working well, but nothing that was on it before is on it now. My biggest loss was my Itunes collection...some of which was backed up, some not.... So I'm trying to recreat that...a long task ahead.
Had a good 4th. Had a bunch of people over at our house. Had a little bit of everything going on....wrestling....
Eating....smores here
Camping out...our front yard....
That is about as much as I can upload for one evening. I will leave you with my 37 week photo. Now that I am officially term, if anyone can give me some tips for going into labor I will love you forever. Tired, must go to bed. Have a lovely evening.

By the way, my butt is not that big...shadow there. My belly on the other hand...not shadow =).

Friday, July 03, 2009

Still no computer

My computer is still not in my possession. It apparently has a major issue. I am so so so thankful that all of my photos are on my external hard drive as it seems I have lost everything else that was on my computer. I guess it is running again, but everything disappeared on it. Another lesson in backing up what is important to you...for those who have not done that. I would have lost 5+ years of photos if I hadn't backed up. So anyway, that is the reason I have not posted any pictures recently.
What else...
*Carolina Liar was good, enjoyed it.
*I am so ready to have this baby...uncomfortable to say the least. Her head is very very low and making me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as of my appointment on Wednesday, nothing was happening.
*Waiting for my disc of photos to arrive from the maternity shoot. Will post some of those when I get them back.
*The new house is livable now and ready for baby. Got an offer on the old house, was terrible. Would have had to write a check for about $46,000 at closing!?!?! Seriously? They didn't appreciate my counter offer (which was a fair amount less than what I paid for it almost 5 years ago) and thus I still own 2 homes. I feel like I am being punished for other's financial irresponsibility/and or bad luck. I can't compete with foreclosures. Sucks. Gets a bit more stressful as the baby is coming soon....babies are expensive!!!!
*We have a bunch of wild turkeys that like to run through our yard at the the new house...that is one type of wildlife I have yet to experience at my home.
*That is all I can think of....hopefully I will get my computer back in working order this weekend and can start editing pics again and hopefully baby news soon! Have a lovely 4th.