Friday, July 16, 2010

still here.....

I am still here...haven't blogged for awhile. Been busy, been lazy. Trying to enjoy my summer without any pressure to do much of anything. Enjoying a few more weeks soccer free =).

We had a large party at our house again this 4th of July. Lots of people. Tents in the yard. Fireworks...just a few that the state of Iowa might just consider unacceptable. Firefighters, it seems, are a bit obsessed with fire....who would have known? Here is one of those that exploded in our yard that evening. I think our show was better than the city of Des Moines' show....seriously. That one was pretty weak...must of been budget cuts or something.

Have been perusing the internet this evening since my baby girl has gone to bed. Looking for inspiration for the wedding. It is EVERYWHERE...almost overwhelming the ideas that are out there. One of my favorite blogs I have found is Brooklyn Bride ...cause you know getting married in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa is very similar to getting married in Brooklyn, NY =)....perhaps deep down inside this Iowa girl's heart is in NY...who knows? And when I say middle of a cornfield, I seriously mean middle of a cornfield. My house is surrounded by a cornfield. Perhaps I should take a picture. In fact, to add to the charm of my future in the middle of nowhere wedding setting, here are my across the street next door neighbors...they are kind of cute
Anyway, I shall leave you with a picture of my baby and her daddy. They are both awesome, like them a lot. More later, have a good night.