Saturday, March 27, 2010

What do you think?

So....I became aware of some fancy new blogger templates this evening. Decided to update. Like it? I like the color gray for some I went with that, Need to update my header/title/pictures. Just realized that it is over 2 years old. Maybe I shall do that tomorrow. Probably should rename the blog as I no longer sit in my green room to write it. Maybe sitting in my "dusty trail" colored loft? Doesn't sound as catchy does it?
Sitting here holding my unhappy baby. She is an excellent sleeper usually...unless she is sick. i have a suspicion that her first ear infection has not cleared. Guess i will have to go look tomorrow. hopefully the night will improve when the ibuprofen kicks in.
Anyway, i love amazon . com and i also found this handy little link tool tonight that i thought i would try out to see how it works. i recently finished reading (on my sony reader that i got for my birthday) this book:

One of the best books i have read in quite some time. Anyway, typing with one hand is too hard so i will end (why i have chosen to ignore the shift key). night.

Monday, March 22, 2010

long time no blog...

I of course have been meaning to blog, but life has just gotten in the way. Have been busy, but what is new? I can't forsee a time in the next 18 years when I will not be busy.
My baby is 8 months old today.

(Here she is enjoying the grass for the first time ever. I couldn't get her too look up, she was very enthralled).
Time flies. I have just been realizing that over the past few weeks I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. Being pregnant, working, giving birth, having a newborn, working, being a mommy to the older ones, working... takes it out of you for a bit. maybe a bit longer than I anticipated? Perhaps it is just being older? who knows. Anyway, I am trying to take advantage of my newfound energy. I am working on getting the house more organized (we moved here in June, lila was born in July...need I say anymore?). Trying to take my workouts to a higher level. Etc. Etc. Making good progress on all of it. Perhaps I will update on those accomplishments later. I will leave you with another picture of the day. We went to a water park this past weekend for the end of spring break and the girls really had fun. Lila LOVED the water. That is all for now. Adios.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emerging from the crud

Happy March to all! It is finally warming up around here and there is hope that spring may come. It is supposed to rain quite a bit this week which should make the gravel or more accurately mud road that I live on quite fun. Living out in the middle of no where can certainly be fun (luckily civilization and paved roads are only a quick drive). Have also been sick the past 4+ days. My normally robust immune system (quite strong from being spewed on by sicko kids on a 5 day per week basis) caved and I got the crud. I hate being sick. Don't have time to be sick...but as of right this moment I am finally feeling better....just in time to go to work tomorrow. Anyway, a photo from today. Miss Lila enjoying her daddy.

Doing pretty well on the picture a day. I normally take about 5 pictures during the months of January-March (the bulk of my several thousand pics each year are taken outside) so this year is quite different. Well that is all for now....must get to bed.