Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More of my baby...

I wanted to post these pics of my baby. They were taken about 2 months ago. Danielle Fox took them. She was the one who took those cute ones of Lila as a newborn.

All pooped out after a long shoot.
That is about all for now. I am making a list of about 5000 things I need to accomplish on my half "day off" tomorrow. Later.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you spammers

I would like to take the time to thank all the spammers that have left comments on my blog...very informative and it really makes me want to buy your products. Thanks again.
Alrighty then. Since I have been neglecting the older two a few pictures of them to start things off. We are fully into the soccer season now. 5/7 days we are doing soccer. I haven't liked it in the past and I don't like it now. Soccer mom, I am not. I am sort of a home body and to have activities that many nights per week is bothersome to me. Oh well, such is life. Here is Emma in her first game of the season. She did awesome. Scored at least 4 goals (had to step away for a moment to feed Lila and she thinks I missed one or so) and was quite aggressive and super fast. Someone made them tuck their shirts into their shorts and Emma had hers pulled up to her neck. I wanted to stop the game to relieve her neck from the shorts...but they don't allow that sort of thing =).
Next, the almost woman-child, Isabella. She also did awesome. Scored 3 out of her teams 4 goals and assisted the other. Was a good soccer weekend for my girlies.

And of course, I couldn't post with a pic of my baby. This first one cracks me up.  She was watching the dog who was about to pounce on my back as I was lying on the ground.  She was almost shaking with worry.

This last one was cute too, just being joyful.

I have been super busy organizing things in my house. I don't know why I feel the great urge to do such things. Outside I am staining the planters Jeremy made me. Instead of the giant garden that went a bit out of control last year (was very pregnant I do have somewhat of an excuse) going to take it down a notch and control it within the confines of these beauties. Will take a pic soon. That is all for now. Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

testing 1,2,3....

Post #2 for the evening. Here is an 8 second experiment....Sorry about the very poor quality. Was shot in the dark. Just wanted to test this out to see if it works or not. Lila dancing at one of her sister's school concerts....

Untitled from Stacey George on Vimeo.

Took me awhile....

But I am finally posting again. Also made a quick new banner. I suppose it looks okay. I realized that on my computer at work(which has the smallest screen ever made in the whole entire world) that it looks like I made my blog gray and that is it. So if you have a small screen at home and are wondering why I did that...I didn't. There is actually contrast between the posts and the semi transparent gray background that is covering a graphic gray print.
So what have I been up to? Work (shocking), my 9 weeks of soccer hell have started (5 out of 7 days we have soccer)...first games this weekend, have been trying to REALLY learn my camera and some technical aspects of photography. Right now it is screwing all my pictures up...but I suppose you have to do that to learn, huh? I have been organizing my paper mess. I actually do not have a stack of 6 inches of paper on my desk. Next project is my junk in the basement. Workout wise I have hit a bad streak. I am going to the gym, but struggling a lot. I need to organize myself there too and make a plan. My post baby chub removal has stalled and I want to get rid of a bit more. Speaking of baby chub, I will leave you with a few pictures I took on Easter of my cute little one. Enjoy and have a lovely day.

You might notice the large bonk on her head (I photoshopped it out on 2 of them, forgot to do this one). She and Bella had a little accident. All is well except Jeremy took to calling her Mikhail Gorbachev this week. Such a funny man.