Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My baby is 4

Happy Birthday to my Emma (yesterday). She turned 4. We celebrated by going to Chuck E. Cheese. We took her best friend Gracie...whose head is the dominate one in the picture, followed a close second by my head. Poor Bella and Emma kind of got pushed to the side. It was hard to get everyone to cooperate with the chuck e. cheese photo machine. We had fun, won some tickets, got some dinky prizes, ate some average pizza, ate some dora cupcakes and then went across the street and enjoyed dairy queen ice cream. We came home and Emma opened her presents. Her favorite was the barbie dress up dress and slippers.
Today I shocked her by making her get her kindergarten shots. She did so well, very brave. I told her when she got those shots we would go to Target and she could pick something out. She picked her favorite thing "lipstick" (chapstick or lipgloss) and those paper plates that have animal faces and ears. Strange child =). I got off easy.
Here is another layout I made last weekend.

Getting ready to go to CA in a few days. A little nervous about leaving the girls and flying, etc. Well, hope you are all having a lovely day.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


As you can see our nice weather is over....Here is the latest picture outside. That pine tree is usually more upright, but a nice coating of ice, followed by snow is weighing it down a bit. This is also a picture of my driveway....which I shovel by hand. I just tell myself that it is a good workout so I don't get too bitter about it. Luckily for me my neighbors feel sorry for me and help me out. Today my neighbor came and helped me finish the bottom of it with his tractor. Love my neighbors.

We have been a busy crafty bunch this weekend being that we were kind of iced and snowed in. Bella is busy preparing for Emma's birthday on Tuesday....

Emma created some masterpieces....

Here she made a picture of me. See those green dots in my mouth? I asked her what those were and she replied "cavities". They have been discussing dental stuff at daycare =).

And I made some layouts that weren't butt is one of them.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Apparently I was clueless about the book my layout was going to be in. Here is the actual one it is in. Look very closely on the front cover in the upper right hand corner. Bella made the cover! She was kind of excited!

Had a cute conversation with Emma tonight:
E: I want to watch the muppets movie.
Me: We don't have a muppets movie.
E: Gracie does. I want one.
Me: Maybe you should buy one with your birthday money.
E: No, I am a children. Children can't pay.
Me: Yes they can.
E: I don't have a credit card. Can I use your credit card?
Me: No.
E: You know a credit card?!? You need one to pay?!? (in a very snotty know it all voice)
Anyway, it made me laugh. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Had a layout

....but after thoroughly inspecting it, decided that it was much too ugly to put on here. Yes, I know, I have put ugly things up here before, but I guess I'm just not in the mood to share my ugly stuff tonight. Sorry.

So I wonder if Blue personality types are more common in the world...since the great majority of all *eight* of us are blue here. Probably a sample size of eight can't be applied to the rest of the world, huh? I wonder how that corresponds to the meyers-briggs personality profile thingy...anyone ever have to take that? I'm an ISFP. anyone else?

So I know there are some Grey's fans out there that read this. Totally disappointed with tonight's episode. I think it started to bother me with the great liberties they took with all the medical crap tonight. Usually I overlook that just cause I like the show a lot. But geez people, when you are dead and someone has been doing CPR and cardiopulmanary bypass on you for 3+ hours and finally you get a heartrate and 30 seconds later they are pulling your ET tube out, all the doctors and nurses leave the room just to let you spontaneously recover from your severe metabolic acidosis and hypoxic organ damage....and then you just start talking like nothing ever's pushing my medical imagination a bit. Yeah, I know she was cold and that is always helpful....but still......they could have at least left her intubated for another episode with lots of meds dripping into her, etc. So did this bother anyone else? Alright, I know I need to get a life....maybe someday I will be so lucky =). Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What are you?

I am blue...thought it was pretty accurate, actually. The only other thing I could have been was white. Check Here to see what you are. Leave me a comment, I'd be interested in knowing what everyone is (including all you lurkers).

BLUES are motivated by INTIMACY. They seek to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything they do is quality-based. They are loyal friends, employers, and employees. Whatever or whomever they commit to is their sole (and soul) focus. They love to serve and give themselves freely in order to nurture others' lives.

BLUES have distinct preferences and have the most controlling personality. Their personal code of ethics is remarkably strong and they expect others to live honest, committed lives as well. They enjoy meaningful moments in conversation as well as paying close attention to special life events (e.g. birthdays and anniversaries). BLUES are dependable, thoughtful, and analytical; but can also be self-righteous, worry-prone, and moody. They are "sainted pit-bulls" who never let go of something or someone, once they are committed. When you deal with a BLUE, be sincere and make a genuine effort to understand and appreciate them.

Understand that no two BLUES are exactly alike. Although you share the same core motivation as many others, your personality is still unique to you alone.

I'm off to enjoy my afternoon off =).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Another one

Here's a layout of my two new little nieces...they are pretty cute, huh?

Still doing my pilates, I'm enjoying it. After a week, I am alreadly noticing a difference in my flexibility. Still very inflexible, but not quite as sad as it was last week. The girls joined me tonight, which was a little distracting...Bella groaning about how hard it was, Emma yelling "look at me, mom!"...all of us piled up on one small piece of times. I came to the conclusion today that I needed to end my 2.5 month old cookie/dessert/candy binge. It is starting to catch up with me. Not sure why I decided that it was a good idea to begin in the first place, oh well. Back to the watching what I eat fun-ness again. It was fun while it lasted =). Anyway, have a lovely day.

Have a good monday =)

Live a carefree happy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some layouts.....

But they are not mine. I seem to have no time this week for some reason. Hopefully, I will get some time to make something this weekend. In the meantime, the girls made some pages tonight. Here they are in the beginning stages....

Here is Bella's finished product:

And Emma's:

Hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As promised

Well, at least I have a picture tonight. This is my little Emma this morning before we left for the day. She is growing up so quickly. Hard to believe she will be 4 in a few weeks.

I did a little of this tonight. Wow....pretty good. There are 5 10 minute segments that you can pick and choose from or do them all. The total body blast segment actually is really that...and I consider myself in fairly good shape. It was good, liked it. Also did the stretching one...which is the reason I bought it in the first place. I am incredibly inflexible, always have been. I have always hated stretching, don't know why, but I have. Trying to work on that. I also own the 10 minute solution kickbox workout too. It is a good one also. You can buy them at my all time favorite store...Target. Or look it up on amazon, there are a bunch of them you can get.

Sorry there is no layout tonight, I'll try to make something tomorrow =). Have a good day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I promise....

to post a real post tomorrow, maybe a picture or a layout or something. I have just been overwhelmingly busy. VERY, VERY busy at work...which I can't tell you happy that makes me =). Work has also been a bit stressful from a personal standpoint. A few posts down I talked about my nurse's husband. Unfortunately, this has not been a happy ending. He passed away over the weekend. Very very sad. What a completely freaky, terrible accident. So with that, I will end for today. More later.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scanning 101

I need help scanning...I am apparently not too good at it. Poor Emma....her eyeballs are way off. And sorry to my SIL too....her eyes aren't like that in real life. Something that would scan a 12x12 page sure would be nice =). Don't know too much, just wanted to post this layout. Have a good one.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy weekend

Another weekend gone...that sucks. I really need some more time off. I am actually going to get a few days off in another month. I actually did buy a ticket to CA and am going to go for 5 myself (!!). My ticket is non-refundable so I guess I'm stuck going =). Going to see my Idaho friends. Looking forward to that (except the plane ride). Does anyone have this book yet? I *think* I'm supposed to have a layout in it, just wondering if it made it in.

This is the one that is supposed to be in it. It is pretty old by now, probably a couple years since I made it.

In other very serious news, I received a call earlier this evening from my office manager that my nurse's husband fell down the stairs and is in the ICU with major brain injuries. Don't really know much else than that, but if you are the praying type, they could use yours.
Thanks to the new commenters, I appreciate them all =). Have a good day.