Monday, August 28, 2006

nothing as usual =)

I will share this layout with you. It comes from the coordinated themed product line I am struggling with. Just ditched some of the themed stuff and made this. Nothing exciting, but much better than the others. Bella looking all beautiful on the first day of 2nd grade.

I really don't know too much today. I AM proud to report that I remembered that I am on call tonight...even before the answering service called to ask me if I would be on my pager or cell phone tonight (that is their way of kindly reminding me I am on call...that happens when you forget about 3 times in a row =). Hope you are all having a good day.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another weekend gone

Had a good weekend. We got recruited to go roller skating on Saturday night. I wasn't overly excited about it, but it was okay. I still remember how to skate. Bella thought it was the most fun thing she had ever done and actually did very well. Emma also loved it and improved quite a bit, never enough to let go of my hand, but still much improved. Here are some pictures I took there. Are they not the cutest things ever? The girl with Emma is her friend Gracie.

It is my little sister's birthday today (28th) and if my calculations are correct, she is 28 today. Happy Birthday!!! Here she is with her lovely family. Hope you have a great day.

I made some really UGLY layouts this weekend that I'm not going to post as they are too ugly. Can I just say I hate working with coordinating "themed" products...but I was forced to and the results are not pretty. Yuck. Anyway, have a lovely Monday.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Friday

If you happen to have this magazine,make sure you look through it carefully. I have a layout in there somewhere. I haven't seen it yet, but the person who it is about saw it and really liked it. I think it made his day (the girl's 90 plus year old grandpa joe).

In other scrapbooking news, I sent my layout to the BHG editor and she liked it a lot...said she didn't see any issues getting the final approval. Yay! I was scared they were going to stamp a big old "reject" on it.

Well must run and make myself useful (I'm at work!?!) Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More photos

Hello all. Just some more photos that were taken today while my family was here. Actually this first one is what I woke up to today. Emma can be quite productive in the morning. She had all these people lined up...not sure what their fate was going to be as she got distracted and didn't finish.
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Another one of Emma throwing a ball in the house (I think that qualifies me as a nice mom, right? Letting the kids play ball in the house?) She would stop and do some goofy pose before she continued on.
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Here is one of my lovely parents. My dad wasn't too pleased with this picture taking session =).
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Here is my very cool brother and his lovely pregnant with twins wife Keesha.
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Finally one of the three of us with Brian and Keesha.
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Had a good day. Hope everyone else is too!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just some pictures tonight

Here are the photos I was trying to upload last night. This first one was from Monday on Bella's first day of school. She was super excited. Wanted to wear her very cool gaucho pants. I thought she looked very beautiful in this photo. Looking so old and mature...kind of scary =).
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Here is a picture of the three of us together, complements of Mr. Tripod. I had to work with this one a lot in photoshop because the idiot that set up the camera didn't put it on the right setting. Oh well, it looks okay I guess.
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And of course, the obligatory getting on the bus photo. Emma really wanted to go to. She would prefer not to wait until she is five.
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This next one is from Sunday when we went to my Grandma's house. I really liked this picture. My goofballs.
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And last, another family photo. Two in one week, that might be a record. Keesha took this one. Didn't turn out too bad...we're all looking at the camera at least which is a major accomplishment.
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Not going to work tomorrow. Going to entertain my parents, brother and SIL. No work = happy me =). Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing tonight

I keep getting kicked off the internet...don't know why. Can't upload any pictures. Sorry. Will try tomorrow.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

School starts tomorrow.

Had a good weekend. Way too short as usual. Here is a "sneak peak" from the September Scrappy Giraffe Kit . We had to make a layout about ourselves with a picture of ourselves (not my favorite thing to do) with the subject of "unique". Kind of difficult to do. Anyway, didn't come up with anything mindblowing, just wrote down some mumbo jumbo =).

Bella starts school tomorrow! Hard to believe she is going to be in 2nd grade. Time flies. I'm sad that summer is coming to an end. Well, hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Have a happy weekend

Here is a layout from earlier this summer. Picture was from this spring. I have a ton of scrapbooking to do this next week. At least seven layouts to get done. ahhh...the life of the "professional" scrapbooker, never seems to end.

Emma went to her friend Gracie's house tonight for a few hours. She is becoming quite a little social butterfly. Bella and I went out to eat at our favorite noodle place and walked around the mall for a bit before we had to go get Emma. Speaking of social butterflies....I am going on a "social outing" tomorrow night. Miracle...I know! I believe it has been at least 8 or more months since I've done that and it was probably 8 months prior to that one that I got out. It's always good to get out of the house with another adult person without the kids at least 2 times every 16 or so months. Geez...I'm such a social reject, it's almost funny. Anyway, people are screaming about wanting ice cream, so I better go. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been a bad blogger. Sorry. I feel like I've been busy...or something. We went to the state fair last night and didn't get home until late. We had a lovely time. We looked at the animals, rode some rides, ate, listened to some music. Surprisingly, I forgot to take my camera so there are no photos. I must be losing my mind. Tonight I am working the evening clinic again which I am not looking forward to. It will be my last one....yay! Anyway, nothing else much to say. Here are some more unexciting facts. Enjoy.

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
Maybe on a deserted tropical island.

2. What's your favorite article of clothing?
something that fits =)

3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
Hmmm...I might have answered this one differently in the past, but I'd have to say his brain =). Oh wait, I guess that's not physical....don't know that I have a favorite.

4. What's the last CD that you bought?
The Fray.

5. Where's your favorite place to be?
I love the beach.

6. Where is your least favorite place to be?
the grocery store with 2 children after's that for specific?

7. What's your favorite place to be massaged?
what's a massage?

8. Strong in mind or strong in body?
I'd say both =)

9. What time do you wake up in the morning?
Last possible minute...usually around 8 AM on weekdays.

10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
food processor

11. What makes you really angry?
mean, irrational people. War.

12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

13. Favorite color?

14. Which do you prefer...sports car or SUV?
I like them both, but kids kind of interfere with the whole sports car thing, so SUV it is.

15. Do you believe in an afterlife?

16. Favorite children's book?
The alligator purse

17. What is your favorite season?

18. What is your least favorite household chore?
all of them? I need a housewife =)

19. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
flying really fast from one place to another

20. If you have a tattoo, what is it?
I have a giant scar, does that count?

21. Can you juggle?

22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to?
Can't think of anyone in particular.

23. What's your favorite day?
the whole weekend.

24. What's in the trunk of your car?
dirt, an umbrella

25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?
I'll pass on both

Monday, August 14, 2006


Hello everyone. Happy Monday. Once again, I don't have too much exciting to say.
Got a cool email this morning from an editor at Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. I've been given an assignment! Pretty cool. I guess they have liked some of the stuff I've sent them and are now asking me to make something "special" for them. Big thing in the scrapbooking world =).

Here is that circle journal thingy I finished tonight. This book will get sent around the country to 9 other crazy scrapbooking people who will creat a layout about where they live. Eventually it will make it back to me and I'll have a book with 9 other peoples layouts in it. Sounds interesting. I've never done this before.

Anyway...don't have too much else to report. Have a good evening.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A good weekend.

Not to much tonight as I stayed up a bit too late last night (3:30ish) and am kind of tired. I'm going to try to go to bed early. There is a 99% chance that I still won't be sleeping before midnight, but I should probably try or tomorrow might be miserable =).

Here is a layout I made a while back, not very pretty, oh well. These were 2 of my exam rooms in Idaho. They let me paint them. It was kind of fun. I asked if I could do that here...apparently painting on the walls here is a no-no.

Didn't do anything too exciting this weekend. Cleaned a lot. The house looks nice, but it always irritates me to spend a long time cleaning. Someday, I will have a housekeeper, maybe. Someday. Worked on a circle journal for a group on Scrappy Giraffe. Maybe I'll show that tomorrow when I get it done. Don't know much else. Have a good Monday.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Off to adventureland {again}

I bought too many tickets to adventureland! Or maybe I'm just bitter that I can't find anyone to go on the rides I like. I guess Emma probably would, but she is too short for most. Anyway we are all going tonight, Bella's taking a friend. The tickets will be all used up and I'll be off the hook until next year =). Before I say good-bye...more fun (or not) facts:

1. Hamburger Helper or filet mignon? hmmm, neither. I'm not a red meat sort of girl.

2. Van or sedan? Neither? I've had an SUV for a long time now I guess my car that I just got is categorized as a hybrid SUV...whatever that means...a wanna-be SUV, but not really, I guess.

3. Yellowstone Park or Disneyland? Yellowstone. Haven't been there but would love to go. Did Disneyland and it was painful.

4. McDonald's or Olive Garden? I hate McDonald's, love Italian food so I will pick the Olive Garden.

5. Board games or video games? I haven't done much of either in the recent past so I can't really answer that.

6. Snow bunnies or water babies? question. I love the beach and I don't like being cold.

7. Early birds or night owls? Night owl. Getting up every morning is the hardest thing I do all day.

8. Road trip or air travel? I think I would enjoy road trips more if the girls were older. Plane tickets are so at this point in my life, road trips are my option.

9. White or wheat? Wheat, I try to eat healthy.

10. On the team or in the bleachers? I love participating, but the sidelines are good too...both.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random photos and stuff

Hello all. Nothing much going on today. Saw patients in the dark for the first half of the day as we had no electricity. That was interesting. Went to eat Mexican food tonight in hopes of putting my weight loss to a stop =).

Quote of the day: "You're a nice old lady, mom" by Emma (age 3). She makes me feel special =).
Quote of the week: "He left Stacey????? How stupid can one man be?" by Allie G. (age 80-90+). Ahhhhh, I love this woman...she seems pretty smart to me =).

Some lovely wild flowers in my yard. I try not to weed whack the pretty stuff.

Yes...I'm still painting. Here is the color. It's not entirely accurate, but you can kind of get the picture. It looks better in person of course, so if you really want to see it you'll just have to come visit.

It's been awhile since I've taken pictures of the girls. They were looking pretty cute today in their "same-same" shirts.

Bella loves to take pictures...she does a pretty good job.

What Bella does, Emma must do also. Here are her attempts. She obviously couldn't see through the viewfinder so we were trying to follow it around...we did better on the second attempt. Lots of giggling going on here.

Emma thought it was quite funny that she "cut my head off"

Anyway, that is all for now. Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Still painting

So I'm still painting my room...didn't work at it too hard today, but it seems like it is never going to be done. Yuck. This paint is being obnoxious, not covering like I want it to. Such is life, I suppose.

I don't really have anything exciting to say today. I was going to put a recipe up as I haven't done that for awhile, but I'm feeling incredibly lazy at the moment, so maybe another day.

Here is another layout that didn't make it in the MMM contest cut. Photos were taken back in May when Emma and I went to the tulip festival in Pella (poor Bella had to go to school).

Have a lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Half Days off.

Took half a day off to take Bella to Adventureland. I'm kind of a mean mom...I dragged her practically kicking and screaming onto the roller coaster (outlaw) which she thoroughly enjoyed and made the comment afterwards that she should listen to me more often. Yep.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting some chiropracters for lunch. I guess word is out on the street that I won't kick families out of my practice if they choose not to immunize their children. Now I get to go chat about stuff with these ladies (In general, many chiropracters don't like immunizations)...hmmm, not sure about that cause I truly believe that immunizations are wonderful and should be given. Should be interesting. Free lunch if nothing else =).

Still painting my room with no furniture. I'm a good painter, but a poor judge of how much paint to buy. Bought 2 gallons for the girls room and didn't even finish one. Now downstairs, the same sized room and I'm out. Frustrating. Must go back to Menards tomorrow.

This is my Grandpa Cleo. He is pretty cool. I wrote down some of the things he likes to frequently do and say. He's pretty funny.

That is about all for now. Have a lovely day.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend recap

Had a good weekend, relaxing, somewhat productive. Here's a quick recap:
*Enjoyed getting a box from my college roomie Starla . Enjoyed the chocolate. Had a laugh about the carmex. I seem to have this obsession with carmex...use it every night to keep my lips young and beautiful or something like that. Anyway...I can't think of anyone else who would know that. Made me smile.
*My sister came to visit me this weekend. We put a piece of furniture together, ate out, shopped a bit, talked, walked around the ocean (as Emma calls it...most others call it a lake), cleaned out my closet. I do have openings next weekend as part of operation "keep Stacey occupied" so she can't think about the suckiness. If anyone needs a weekend away in the great city of Des Moines...let me know.
*Had some retail therapy at Ann Taylor Loft. I also REALLY needed some clothes, badly...very badly. It is not attractive to be walking around in clothes that are huge. I really didn't need this dress, but I bought it anyway. It made me feel cute, which is a good thing. Also got some much needed pants.
*Started painting the front room without furniture. I'm so tired of white. Think it is looking nice.
*Thankful for my girls and my Church ...keeping me sane.
*Enjoyed my favorite weekend activity of sunbathing on my John Deere lawn mower (hmmm...not really my favorite)
Lastly a advisory committee will probably be disappointed that I did not send this layout for the MMM contest as they all seemed to like it. I guess I'm just not crazy about it. Maybe it's because my face is the focal point!?! Just didn't seem like anything exciting to me. Sorry guys. If I don't win...we'll just say I should have listened to you all =).

Hope you all have a lovely Monday.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A long day

Had a very long day today. I worked the evening clinic which I haven't done since I've been here. 12 hours today. Not terrible, but I do remember why I didn't enjoy doing that in Idaho. Did that a lot more frequently there. Makes me tired. Guess I'm getting soft in my old age.

Here is another layout from the August Scrappy Giraffe Kit. I believe they are sold out for this month, but you still might be able to get in on the September Kit now if you sign up. Heard those are going fast too. It features a new realease from Summer CHA. Anyway, here is Miss Bella looking all beautiful. It as usual didn't scan well, this time because of the lumpy bumpy butterfly thing. You can get the picture though.

Just once again wanted to thank all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I am doing surprisingly well, but had a little bump in the road in my spirits I still need your prayers (if you do that sort of thing). Thanks and have a good day!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Happy Wednesday

I always like Wednesdays...mainly because I only work a half day. It goes by too fast. Here is a layout I made this afternoon using the July Scrappy Giraffe Kit . I really like it a lot. The colors of course did not scan very well and look much better in person, as usual. This is a common saying that Emma likes to basically means "I won't do _________ mom". The photo was taken in Virginia on our snake bite walk. I thought it kind of fit the saying. Oh, by the way...the stamp with the curly brackets/journaling lines on it...I made it. What do you think?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Went for my byweekly personal training session/therapy/social outing today. My trainer is pretty cool. He doesn't seem to mind if I vent =). Today I'm proud to report that I did a total of 40 pushups. I'm pretty sure they weren't the prettiest pushups ever seen and my form I'm sure sucked...but none the less, I did them. And I wasn't on my knees either doing "girl pushups". Also did a nice little twisty thing in between them. I'm not a push up girl, in fact I hate them passionately, so this is an accomplishment.

Other things making me happy Loving the song "Over my Head" on this CD. This groups sounds very Coldplay like.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Was reading this book again. Would recommend it for anyone interested in scrapbooking.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love the intro: "I'm always surprised at the reactions I get from people when I tell them what I do with so much of my spare time. But I can never just say, "scrapbooking," and leave it at that. I feel this moral obligation to elaborate-to help vaporize the sterotypes of ladies wearing applique sweaters, running amok with decorative scissors and teddy bear stickers." I do the same thing. People look at me all crazy when I tell them I scrapbook (Dr. Marvasti). I love the applique sweater and teddy bear sticker thing. Makes me giggle. Also love the quote on the next page, "Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a purpose and that's why I made works of art." --Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Anyway, I think that says it so well, why I scrapbook. Why you should consider it (keesha). Anyway, that is all tonight. Have a good one.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bike riding

Last night we went and rode bikes around the lake. Actually the girls rode and I jogged. It was super hot, but we had fun.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Emma got a new bike. She LOVED it. We almost had a temper tantrum when we left, but the promise of ice cream stopped it from moving into a full blown tantrum.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here is a layout from the August Scrappy Giraffe kit. We were supposed to make a layout about here is mine.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well that is all for now. Hope you are having a good day.

I give up

I had 2 lovely photos and a new layout to put on here for your viewing pleasure, however, blogger does not want to cooperate. I've tried and tried. So...nothing new today. I'll try again tomorrow. Have a good day.