Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting case you care

1. I am still alive.
2. I will try to blog more than once a month.
3. I have I'm very tired.
4. I own two houses.
5. Owning two houses is mildly stressful in the current real estate market, would like to sell the one I am sitting in right now.
6. I made light fettucine alfredo for supper tonight, grilled chicken and real not from the can green beans, it was delicious.
7. Life is good....
8. I haven't scrapbooked for awhile cause a.) I'm very busy b.)I own two houses and am trying to fix up the other one, keep this one clean and get rid of unecessary junk c.) I'm very tired. I do have some pages I need to take some pictures of...that shall be my goal for the next week.
9. My partner at work is gone practically every other day. I need consistent reliable help...dr. marvasti?
10. I think my birthday is next week...I'm going to be old...I think that is a sign that you are getting old when you are not sure how old you are or when the date that you turn that age slips your mind.
11. I am working out 5 days a week and yet I continue to gain weight...and yet I am not as bothered by it as I might be.
12. Why am I gaining weight? Yep...that's mine. 13+ weeks and all is looking well even at my advanced maternal age =). An unexpected but happy surprise...we are looking forward to July.

13. That's it.