Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A clarification

For those of you who were excited about my admirer....I'm not. Kind of unwanted attention on my part. I guess I should be flattered, but I'm more uncomfortable with the situation than anything. Anyway, here is a layout I did quickly tonight about the hike we took in Virginia (the one where Ruby the dog got bit by a poisonous snake). Adios =).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busy day

So today was my birthday. I turned 25. Well, not quite the truth (actually quite far off from the truth), but I'm often told I look 25 so that's my story and I'm sticking with it =). Mom the flowers you gave me are on the left (any physician's out there? Everytime I point something out on a picture I want to say it like I'm reading an xray...I first wrote down the flowers were on the right...I even do that when I'm giving driving directions weird. Ok dr. crap over). The dozen roses and basket came from an apparent admirer of mine, kind of shocked me and freaked me out a bit. Hmmmm.....

This is our friendly snowman, kind of cute isnt' he? Well don't really know much else, hope you all had a good day!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Been awhile

Seems like it has been awhile since I last blogged. Have been pretty busy. Spent a great majority of the week sick. Finally got diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday and kept right on working (don't worry I washed my hands well and didn't spit on anyone). Friday I had a nice surprise and had a layout requested by Simple Scrapbooks magazine. It will the first time I will be in the actual magazine (was on the website for the Nov/Dec issue). It is the first time I have submitted something in awhile. Kind have been lazy about that lately. Oh...and Brian and Keesha I hope you don't mind...but your house and yard will be in the magazine =). It was a summer vacation layout. Anyway, here is another summer vacation layout. Nothing too exciting, but oh well. About our terrible train trip that we went on =).

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday blogging

Yes, I know, my titles are so creative. I've completely run out of exciting if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I actually for the first time called in sick to work yesterday, caught a lovely gastrointestinal bug...the best kind to get =). Luckily it was short lived and I am feeling better. Got the Feb/March Scrapbooks etc today. If you get it, make sure to look on page'll see my two lovely girlies. This is one of my favorite layouts and it was pretty cool cause this was actually an assignment from them (my one and only ever).

Here is another layout for you to look at...some more summer vacation shots. We have a pretty impressive farmer's market here. Definitely a fun place to go. Lots of see, buy and eat.

And finally, I was happy to get this book in the mail today (part of my birthday present from my mom...thanks again!). There are some pretty cool projects in here that look very doable. I haven't done much sewing since hmmm....maybe jr. high (except on paper =0 )but I think I'll be able to handle some of the stuff in here.

Well, that is all for now, have a lovely day!

Monday, January 22, 2007

another layout!

Another Christmas layout....can you believe it? This has some Target christmas ad components on it...can you find them? Another reason to love the mail, you can find scrapbooking stuff to use.

I forgot to mention that I tried this recipe off of Shannon's blog ...scroll down to the Jan 11 entry. Very tasty. I decided to try it and wondered why I hadn't seen that recipe as I am a huge alfredo fan...went looking for my Jan cooking light...looked every where for it, couldn't find it. Finally gave up and just printed the recipe off of her blog. The reason I couldn't find it? arrived in my mailbox today....didn't actually have it yet. I'm a dork. =). Anyway, have a good day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday blogging

Not too much to share today. Had a good quiet weekend. Too short as usual. Last night it snowed about 7 or so inches....went to church this a.m. and when I came home someone had cleared the snow from my very large driveway. Most likely one of my neighbors. Kind of overwhelmed very kind. Anyway, here is a layout from this Christmas {the scan of course is a little goofy}. I can't believe it, but I think I have actually scrapped a whole holiday. I did a few more this weekend that I will post in the coming days. That is quite amazing since I haven't even done last Christmas yet. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So bitter

I am an angry bitter woman. My mother, who lives in a grouping of about 25 houses 10 plus miles from a decent sized city, just aquired high speed internet. My sister, who lives in a town of maybe a few thousand in the middle of po-dunk Iowa has high speed internet. My brother who lives in the middle of nowhere has high speed internet. Stacey, who lives in a metro area of approximately 500,000 people, has no high speed internet. None. Zero. Nada. Unavailable. Very bitter.

So to help with my bitterness, I uploaded this layout {very slowly} for your viewing pleasure. I guess I should be happy now that I can edit photos, listen to music and upload this layout very slowly all at the same time with my marvelous new computer. That is a great improvement =).

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A drawing, quotes, and my day

Here is a drawing Bella did a few days ago. I thought it was quite good....she is quite the artist. I asked her a few times if she traced it and she said no. It is a rock star.

Speaking of rock stars, Emma, who would like to be a rock star when she grows up has a new dislike for vegetables. She used to eat any and all of them, now she won't. Recent quotes: "Vegetables are very dangerous mommy" and "I'm allergic to peas". Interesting and cute.
I had a good day. Wandered around a bit...went to Half Price Books and sold some books that were gathering dust. Only made $7.50, but I guess that is $7.50 that previously didn't have. Also went to Penzey spice store . That place is almost like the scrapbook store to me. I love to buy spices =). And they have lots of cool ones that I have been looking for forever and can never find at regular grocery stores like different kinds of chile powder for example. Very cool place. Then went to see my trainer...pretty sure I won't be able to feel my legs tomorrow. Tonight went to Target while the girls were at church and picked up a few things...exciting things like paper towels and napkins, but also got some pajamas. Don't know why, but I love Target pajamas. They make me happy. Had a free coupon for a Glade light show scented oil warmer, which I never would have paid for, but when I brought it home the girls absolutely flipped over it which of course caused a big fight as to whose bed it would be closer to...*big sigh*....I can't win with the whole bedtime thing. There always seems to be some sort of problem. Oh well, overall a good day. Hope yours was too.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Babies

Today new members were added to our family...Ashland Nora (5 lb 9 oz) and Marika Grace (5 lb 3 oz). They are my brother and his wife's lovely new children. So cool.

Last night at about 11 pm I went and shoveled the driveway. It actually was a beautiful night, a nice workout (my puny little back muscles are sore today). Shoveled some more today. We got about 6 inches I think. Got home a little early today and Bella and I sledded down the back hill a bit. It was pretty fun. Here is Bella. Emma thought it was too cold so she watched from the house.

You might have noticed I have a new is a little large, but I like it. Made that tonight. Also made this layout. It was in response to Ali E's newsletter I'm a little late, but you were to pick a word that you kind of wanted to use to define your new year. I chose the word hope. Here it is. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter finally here

Well, it finally appears that winter has arrived in Iowa. Got a touch of snow yesterday and it starting snowing this afternoon and is still going strong. Took this picture today while it was still light out.

The girls enjoyed a little sledding this afternoon on the bit of snow that was available. They had a lot of fun.

I worked this weekend, was on call so didn't accomplish a whole lot other than talk on the phone for many hours....fevers, vomit, peeing, pooping, coughing, snotty noses, lice, swallowed stuff like that. That is about all I know. Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Happy Wednesday

Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well. Had as always a nice half day off. Didn't accomplish too much today, but had fun bumming around. Worked, went to the gym where I ran 3 miles in my pretty new running shoes {I retired my old ones after 2 years of service}, lifted upper body weights and talked for awhile to this guy who has been a friend since he witnessed me falling off of the treadmill twice in one day sometime last year (yeah...I'm smooth =). Came home to find some scrapbooking supplies in my mailbox, which always makes me happy. Got a call from the great and lovely Dr. Marvasti of the fine state of Idaho, who I think I'm going to go see in March and then got to talk to the lovely Nurse Charlesworth. I love those guys =). Went to get my hair cut, looks not too bad. Made the layout below. Made some pizza for supper. Took the girls to church. Went to Walmart while they were there and found some cheapo fabric for the seat of my $1.99 chair I saved from Goodwill. The girls are snug in bed and actually quiet (scary!) and now I'm updating this lovely blog. Aren't you all happy I shared that all =).
My lovely mother gave me an early b-day present...they arrived yesterday. These are my pretty new dishes. Hard to appreciate but they are a bit distressed. I wanted something rather timeless so I don't need to buy any more. They make eating so much fun (like I had to convince myself of that)....makes the food look pretty. My previous dishes were very obnoxious, non matching...some of which looked very 80ish, the rest were okay but not my style anymore. Anyway, I'm enjoying these babies....thanks mom!

Here is my layout, all supplies are from the December Scrappy Giraffe Kit . Emma last Christmas (2005) sitting on Santa's lap. She was so funny with Santa that Christmas. Very demanding...telling exactly what she wanted (drum and harmonica) and where exactly to put it under the tree. By the way....Emma's face seems to be a bit skewed from the scanning process, in real life it is symmetrical and quite cute.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2 days in a row

I'm doing pretty good...posting 2 days in a row...and with layouts. These are also from the December Scrappy Giraffe Kit. This first one is a picture I took of the girls after we had finished putting up the Christmas tree. I think the picture is quite cute myself. The layout looks much better in person, does it not look 12x12 on your screen too?

This second layout scanned a little goofy, but honestly, it is not the prettiest in real life either =). Every year we go pick out one new ornament to put on the tree. I wanted to document it cause I can never remember who picked out which and when, etc. Causes fights..."that's my ornanament" etc. In honor of the fluffy pink bird Bella picked out I added the chipboard bird at the top. Covered it in hot pink felt and gave him a jewel for an eye.
Had a cute conversation with Emma tonight. She just asked me this as we were finishing up her bath. Actually Emma did all the talking and I just kept saying "yep". Miss Emma: "Is God in my heart? He can't get out? He's stuck? Did he get in there by his self? He likes to be stuck in people's hearts?" Anyway, thought it was cute....made me smile. Hope you are all having a good day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Short weekend

Seems like the weekends fly by so quickly. Could use a lot more weekends. I have a layout for your viewing pleasure or not. This is using supplies from the December Scrappy Giraffe Kit We were to create a layout about ourselves with the theme "wishes".

That is one of my goals this year...figure out how to be happy again. Other goals I've made are mostly health related. I figure since I have nothing better to do with my time I might as well take my fitness level up a that is one of my goals. Also to improve my nutrition...I do pretty well, but could increase my vegetable intake, eat less processed stuff, take my vitamin/calcium on a daily basis, etc. That's about it. Last year was the first time I ever set some goals for the new year and I actually did most of them, so I thought I'd try it again.

Bella's first basketball game was on Saturday with good old mom as one of the coaches. I look semi-retarded in this photo, but Bella looks pretty cute. She scored a basket. 1st and 2nd graders are crazy people, very wild when they all get together...especially the boys. It's fun though.

Emma helped coach...she was yelling from the sidelines everything we were saying it was kind of cute. Anyway, that is all for now. Have a good day.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm back!!!

Perhaps 2007 is my lucky year!! Got to be better than 2006. I timed getting my computer perfectly. It is so big and pretty. I'm in computer heaven. I can edit photos at lightening pace, listen to music and browse the internet all at the same time without crashing anything. Quite exciting. So anyway, here are some photos. Some of the 1000 million (as Bella would put it) cookies that we made. I'm still finding icing in odd places around the house. =).

Here is the desk. I don't know if you can truly appreciate it's ugliness as the drawers and hardware aren't visable in this photo. $15.99. Quite a deal =).

Here is the after. It is much cuter in person. Not quite so baby blue as it looks here. It is more of an aqua. The color is called carribean holiday (reflecting where I would love to be right now). I guess if you truly want to appreciate it you'll have to come visit me. I tried to get new hardware, but they weren't a typical size so I ended up painting them too. It actually turned out well.

Here is a closer look. I got a little crazy with the sandpaper....grunging it up a bit.

Well must go and explore my new computer a bit more. Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If I am lucky.....

I will have my computer tomorrow. I must time it perfectly with the UPS man, so it might be Thursday before I can get it. And since I have not been too lucky over the past year, the chances seem slim. Anyway, have been keeping busy with redoing the desk, bookshelf and painting the upstairs landing. Got all of that done. The desk looks quite good if I do say myself. I am pleased. I haven't gotten around to the chair yet, need to find a fabric store so I can redo the seat. This saving furniture from Goodwill is kind of is nice to get cool stuff cheap...might be my new hobby =). Like I need one of those. Well, that is all for tonight. Have a good are coming soon! yeah!!!!!