Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Happy Wednesday to you all. I had the day off today. Needed one. Just a break from the routine. I didn't do too much or accomplish anything great today, but that actually was my goal. I wandered walmart a bit this morning to buy some more black spray paint for our Halloween tree (which i had chopped off of another tree yesterday with my trusty axe). Here is the completed project. The girls helped decorate and make the halloween ornaments.

I also went and worked out with my trainer Doug today. I always enjoy that. Today he kicked my butt and it was good. I like to be pushed as I seem unable to do that as well by myself. Although, I must give myself a bit of credit, as I am feeling much better now (after my Cambodia trip I felt like crap workout wise for quite awhile...malaria? dengue fever? typhoid fever? ....not those, but i like to speculate)and to get back to the point ran 5 miles once last week and 3.66 miles once as well. The 5 miles is definitely the longest I have done since probably high I was pleased. And lastly I completed this layout...another BPS one...was to be a 2 page sports theme. Miss Emma playing soccer. I think she looks adorable. Anyway, that is all for now. Adios.

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cld said...

Cute tree. It is more tasteful than all of that plastic blow up stuff I see in people's yards. Hope I didn't just insult any of your readers who happen to like the blow up decorations! I love the color combination you used on Emma's layout. Very nice. Were you really sick with something? Or just using that as an excuse for having lousy workouts???