Thursday, July 10, 2008

The excitement of my life....

Yes, the excitement of my life has come down to me coming home every evening and watching what my friend the groundhog is doing in my backyard. Here he is tonight. I haven't named him yet...any suggestions?

In other wildlife news, my least favorite pet is still doing well.

A couple of pictures of the girls from the 4th of July weekend. Thought they were cute. I'm missing them now. They are with g-ma for a few days and then off to S.D.'s house for 2. Who is S.D.? Anyone who guesses the correct answer wins the honor of naming the groundhog. What a prize...don't wait, you don't want to lose out on that opportunity =). Have a lovely night.


kded said...

Looks like you have done a little photo editing. Very nice! We have had a skunk, then rat, and now a groundhog epidemic at our house, so we feel your pain!

Tracy said...

Life just keeps turning. I feel bad for you, but know you are a great mom. Bella and Emma sure know this.
Things all work out. For me, Sadie graduated this spring, Jake is slowly working on college and spending money. I have great kids and can say, it is 'cause of me. They didn't get it from their "dad". I am still very happily married. 5 years now. My greatest issue is work! Boy, I sure miss you.