Thursday, February 26, 2009

Naming the baby

Random names off of the girls list of names to name the baby:
Isabella: Maria, Jordan, India, Niki, Lilah, Marisa, Macy, Miranda, Kasey, Lilly
Emma: Kafee, Kale, Gaveedo, Odeey, Poo, Spunsh Bob, Pat, Cadin, Lato, Sale (sally), Cloepoo, Zoom
Can you tell who the goofball of the family is?


Anonymous said...

Oh...definately pick a name off of Emma's list.
At least you wouldn't have to worry about anyone else naming their baby the same name!!!!!! cld

Starla said...

Jordyn was our girl name for Jack :) But I think Odeey Poo has a lovely ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Yay, another girl! Call me if you need girl clothes. I saved them just in case but, alas, we have a Joaquin. Here are my name suggestions. They were on our list of possibilities and you know we think alike: Madeline, Sophia, Viviana. I like "timeless" names.
Love, Frytown Friend

Anonymous said...

Forgot to suggest Rachael, too.

蔡健雅Tata said...