Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thanks to all that checked in. I appreciate knowing someone is here and that I am not talking to no one.

So an update on my quest to lose my baby fat....I have actually been sort of trying for about 4 weeks. By sort of trying I mean that my workouts have increased to about 3-4 per week and I am trying to watch what I eat. I am not doing the hard core diet yet as I am a bit nervous about my ability to keep feeding my child if I diet too much (breastfeeding). So as much as I would like to get this stuff off fast, I am taking a more moderate approach in the best interest of my lovely little baby. So I struggled with being famished last week and didn't do so well on my workouts have improved remarkably though. Feeling much stronger and a little less lard like as I move.

Overall here are my stats:

Down 4.4 lbs, 3.5 inches off of my waist, 1.5" off my hips and 1" off of my thighs. I actually thought I was doing much worse than this so writing this stuff down has been useful as I don't feel like quite as much of a loser...still a ton more to go but a decent start.

My workouts: (2 weeks worth)
Sept 7-12
8th: 2 mile run (thought I might die)
9th: cardio intervals on the AMT (fancy super cool better than elliptical machine)
3 sets of balance squats, one leg bridge on each leg
cardio intervals on AMT
2 sets (ran out of time) of squats with shoulder press, one leg row, v-crunch
10th: 30 min walk pushing Lila in the stroller
11th: 1 mile run/warmup
2 sets of balance squats, one leg bridge, v-crunch
AMT intervals
2 sets of squat with shoulder press, one leg row, ab-x crunch machine

Sept 14-18
14th: 2.5 mile run (felt much better today...didn't feel like a total tub of lard)
15th: 1 mile run/warm up
express weight training circuit + abs (8 weight machines moving from one to the next quickly)--2 sets
16th: walk pusing Lila 20 minutes
17th: 1.25 mile run + 15 minutes on AMT doing intervals
18th: 10 minute walk/warmup
express circuit x 2 sets

So there you have it...what I have been doing.

Now something more exciting...some pics....
Lila last week in our yard

Bella turned 11 last Monday...time flies!

And finally me having a little fun with my baby that loves to stand. Since she has been staying home with her Daddy a lot these past few weeks they have been practicing standing...she seems to love it. She was actually standing by herself...i would let go and snap a pic quickly =)

Had enough of the fun...

Well that is all for now, have a lovely day


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! A miracle baby ...standing at 2 months. Means that by 4 months she will be walking and by a year playing soccer! Cool!
By the are hardly a tub of lard!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been a while since I checked in but was soooo excited to see me mentioned 9/10. We can have the whole c/s debate later. Lila is beautiful and so are her sisters and mommy. Someday I will send her the gift that is sitting on my dresser to be mailed. Just wanted you to know am I thinking about you. BYW, stop listing your workouts. It makes the rest of us feel lazy. Your Frytown Friend