Friday, November 13, 2009

Chubby Baby

My lovely mother has reminded me that I have not updated in here it is, a quick one. First of all, my beautiful fat baby. She has got the double chin going on =). She is so very sweet, such a good happy baby. I am thoroughly enjoying her.

I continue to plug away at the baby weight loss. I have lost a bit over 5 lbs in the last month which I am pretty pleased with. I had my body fat measured today and was pleased to find out that I actually gained 7 lbs of muscle during the pregnancy. I guess all the working out and lifting was not wasted. That makes me feel a ton better as I really only have about 13 lbs left to lose to get back to my original condition....which sounds a heck of a lot better than the 20 that the scale is telling me. Well that is all for now. Se ya later.


cheapjewelrywholesaler said...

haha,that is great

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shannon said...

congrats on the baby weight.
i have the infamous five pounds to go. have had them for since ben was about 2 months. so 6 mos now. maybe i should use you for inspiration! ;o)
and lila is a cutie.
how much does she weigh? looks like her and ben could be double chin buddies!