Friday, July 29, 2005


Well just as soon as I started posting on that site on AOL, I am getting rid of it and moving on to bigger and better things. Actually, someday, I hope never to have to use dial-up again. And when that happens AOL will be a thing of the past. So it seems a little silly to spend a lot of effort on a site that hopefully will not exist in the near future. My hope is that by coming here we can stay in touch a little more...we'll see how good I am at updating this =). When you make one of these things you have to come up with a name. I've seen so many profound names when I read blogs that I am sure have lots of meaning behind them. I on the otherhand could not think of anything. So as I was staring off into space trying to think of something I noticed once again what a lovely shade of green my office walls are....and there you have it...Sitting in my green room. The pictures of the day are of my lovely E. having "tea" on the deck. I think she is the cutest little thing. If you visit here, please leave a comment, at least a hello so I don't feel like I'm talking to no one!

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cld said...

Hello there Stacey Lynne. I don't really understand how to do these "Blogg" things. :) I have read negative things about them in the magazines as to people getting in trouble with their employer for saying negative things about the company that they work for and getting themselves fired! So BEWARE!!!!!!! :) I do like the name that you used. And of course I certainly do like the pictures of Emma. cld