Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tribute to the great state of Idaho and Dr. Marvasti

It was two years ago today that we left to move to Idaho. So much has changed since then. I very vividly remember driving with B. and E. 1500 miles across the country in 3 days in our lovely pathfinder stuffed full of possessions, toys and the very wonderful portable DVD player. It was very sad and exciting at the same time. I also remember driving into Nampa for the first time (when I interviewed it was dark when we came to town) thinking, hmmm......very interesting. I remember seeing our house for the first time in real life, meeting all the neighbors who let us in the house with a key from the previous owners and being very excited that I didn't have to live in a "box" anymore. And then of course I met all you lovely people at Saltzer. And as much crap as I gave you all about the state of Idaho, I just want to say that I miss you all very much and I truly do hold fondly in my heart the great state of Idaho. And now as tribute to the great Dr. J. Marvasti. She is truly a lovely person and I am saddened that we are separated.....I think about you often!
Now back to reality. I am now officially on "vacation". Actually I have traded one job that I usually do during the day for another (stay-at-home mom) this week. I am going to try to unpack some more (yes....we've lived in our house for six months and I'm not done unpacking), take the girls on some day trips and just try to relax. We'll see how that works. Have a lovely day and enjoy my Idaho pictures.

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