Monday, May 07, 2007

Finally i blog......

Sorry guys....i've been a loser again, haven't been blogging much. Here is a layout I made tonight....emma picking flowers for me. Just as a note...the flowered paper is stuff I made originally for Paper Heart Studio...but that never went I decided to cut it up and use it.

In other news....
My ticket to Cambodia has been purchased, my passport is here....guess I'm going =)
I don't think I've mentioned this before but we are having an exchange student living with us this next year. We have been assigned a girl from Kazakhstan named Antonina....kind of excited about it, should be fun.
Well that is all for tonight...hope you have a great day!


Cindy said...

Too bad about the paper. I love it. Also read the stuff about your student. Sounds pretty cool and very talented.

angela said...
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angela said...

I love the paper and it is so cool being a host family!

shannon said...

i think your trip will be amazing.
such a great experience.
cute page too.. but you knew that, i'm a total fan! ;o)

Tenpassports said...

Yes... Cambodia. Good for you.
So now, move forward. No retreats.
If you need specific info… just follow the link.
Unpack the camera, get memory cards (if digital), and a good compass, just in case.
The “communication” gear will be delivered to you soon.
Oh… don’t forget.
ER and Grey’s Anatomy are shown on Thursdays (Friday in Cambodia). Get used to the subtitles.
I had to before!
Godspeed SLG.