Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bloggin' again.....

Well I am, blogging again. Amazing isn't it? And I have another layout. Made this tonight. Took these pictures of Emma last week. I thought she looked adorably cute. She was just being a goof....she is quite good at that.

Also for you poor souls that don't live in Iowa, wanted to share the beautiful sky with you we had the other day. I love Iowa in the summer....winter....not so much. Makes you appreciate the summer I must say.

And lastly, found these flowers here in the lovely orange cup...emma picked them from our yard. They are wild black eyed susans. thought it was cute that she was decorating.

have a lovely day!


Cindy said...

Yeah for your blogging. Keep it up. Lovely pictures of Emma. Could have copies of the bigger one for the yearly calendar? She is quite a kid. Crazy personality.

Beautiful sky too. Your camera takes lovely pictures. Wow!

Cindy said...

Oops...sorry....left the I out of ...could I have? Just wanted to correct that in case you have any English majors reading!

AG from CA said...

Nice blog...The sky in Iowa is beautiful!