Thursday, May 07, 2009

Better late than never

Here is a photo @ 28 3/7 weeks. I feel the need to add the 3/7 as every day in my mind is important =).

Feeling a little less stressed than I was a few days ago. The new daycare that is close to our new home and that I was going to send the girls to this summer pooped out on me a week ago due to lack of interest in their summer program (new daycare and pretty rural = apparently not good combination). Found something else relatively close to work and cost effective (yeah!). Only have to pay for the weeks they are there which is an entirely refreshing new concept to me. Since we are moving, thought the girls might have to change school districts, but got official word yesterday that they will still be in the same district. Worse case is changing elemenatary schools...but happy in the end all 4 girls will be going to jr. high/high school together. So 2 things down and out of the to sell my house, move, prepare for baby, catch my work stalker (don't worry mom...all is under control)and try not to go crazy in the meantime. I did have a nice surprise yesterday....

J and the girls got me this for mother's day, a complete surprise. Some may say kitchen appliances aren't very romantic, but I have always wanted one of these and it makes me very happy. We "cookers" as Emma likes to call them, get excited about kitchen appliances =). That is all for now. Have a good day.


Anonymous said... have a lot on your plate. Nice Mother's day gift. What all does it do. I have one that looks like it has the same stuff on it. It has been used I am a NON-COOKER ! I could have given it to you! Nice of J to do that. about that work stalker...I want the whole story! cld

Starla said...

Sweet!! I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer. I got a set of pots and pans a few years ago for Valentine's Day, but I loved it. I needed them much more than flowers! =)