Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Took pictures of the girls last night on the beach...hopefully got some good ones.  After took a swim in the ocean.  Had a few stingrays swim pretty close to us.  Was kind of cool...but freaked the 2 little ones out.  They took off screaming and spent the rest of the evening on the beach.  Today has been sort of rainy.  J and I and the alien played golf...made it about 12 holes before the waddling set in and decided to just putt on the rest of the holes.  That is all for now.  adios.


Anonymous said...

The sting rays could freak me out too! cld

Jodi Sue said...

Do you remember learning to play golf in high school for PE? Neither of us were very good. You must have improved since then if you're running around 8 months playing on your vacation!