Wednesday, June 24, 2009

35 weeks and no picture today.  My computer broke over the weekend with the heavy storms we had lately?  Makes me wonder what a surge protector is for if it doesn't protect.  So I have no access to my photo editing stuff.  Luckily all my pictures are on an external hard drive and seem to be intact.  Had an OB appointment today.  All is well.  I'm now at the every week appointments.  Fun.  Have finally bought enough stuff if she decided she wanted to come tomorrow, I am actually ready.  Was at the downtown gym today getting dressed and had a rather bizarre experience.  2 ladies I have never seen in my life looked at me as I was getting dressed and started talking about me...not to me, but about me and how they thought I looked and how they looked when they were pregnant...was strange.  At least they were saying nice things and not how I look like a bloated whale.  Anyway, that is about all of the pregnancy related stuff I can think of.  Tomorrow night the girls and I are going to go see Carolina Liar.  They are playing downtown and kids get in free so I'm only out $12 if it stinks.  I think it will be good though.  That is all for now.  Hopefully, my computer will be fixed soon.  Talk to you all later.

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cld said...

Funny! Maybe they thought pregnancy also makes one deaf????????? Who is Carolina Liar or whatever you called them??????

Do we have to buy a new computer now? I would buy a J.R. Ender computer (especially made for you and lifetime service) if I ever have to get another one. Local...they have stores numerous places. Look them up on the internet. cld