Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation Day #1

The girls and I had a good day on our "vacation" today. We went to the zoo this morning. They seemed to really enjoy it. E. has a love/hate relationship with the snakes. First she started crying when she saw the giant boa constricter and then a few minutes later she wanted to "hold him". We went on the train and even took a camel ride. Tonight we went to some National balloon festival or something. Lots of hot air balloons. They apparently were in some sort of contest where they'd try to come in and knock over some poles, win some money....something. Kind of weird, even had an announcer. Apparently we saw some awesome balloon piloting tonight. I did enjoy using my new camera today. The zoom on the thing is great.


cld said...

Hi; Am I the only one reading these lovely comments by you????? Just wondering. I guess if I had looked...I wouldn't have had to ask you in my last e-mail what you did on your first vacation day. It sounds very least more exciting than my day of grinding up feed samples and analyzing them! cld

cld said...

It is now 6:00 p.m. Are we going to update what we did on day 2????