Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Monday in Advance

I went to heaven store heaven that is. There is a new specialty/organic grocery store on the other side of town. I went today and it was completely awesome...lots of cool stuff that I can't find elsewhere. It made me happy =). I'm kind of nerdy, huh?

Here is a layout that I made over the weekend. I am almost done with my vacation layouts. Here is another from the art museum. Have another one in the works. Hope you have a lovely day =)


Cindy said...

The Art museum must have been wonderful. I love the pictures there on your layout. Good to see you and the girls last night by the way. Have a wonderful week.

mjdf said...

Just to let you know, I went on a scrapbooking frenzy this weekend - hadn't touched my stuff since Christmas. Anyway got 20 pages done. All pretty simple - nothing ornate and sophisticated like yours. But, it made me feel happy. :)