Sunday, April 29, 2007

happy weekend

hello all. Had a busy back to where i grew up....tried to go to a baby shower but soon realized that I had no clue where it was =) Eventually caught up with baby and mom after the shower. Saw my sis and family, mom and dad. Went to churchy things today and started my never ending summer project...mowing the yard. Ahhh....the fun has begun. Also started this little mini album. This is all I accomplished, but hopefully I will complete it. Will share that when it is done. That is all for now, have a lovely day.


Cindy said...

so glad to see you yesterday. Glad you made it home ok. Was wondering. Post some pictures of Amy and the baby if you took any. Have a good week.

Ten passports said...

I am glad to know you are back in business. This blog is not the same without some art work.