Thursday, April 12, 2007

No pictures today

Updates on my life:
1. I suck at blogging.
2. We completely kicked butt in soccer tonight....even though we don't keep score, i'm putting a notch in the winners first career soccer win!
3. My body fat % is up 2% from late last summer so as of monday i am back on my diet and plan to get back down to that shortly.
4. My house is a disaster area, it makes me sad.
5. my life is boring, I don't have much else to say. Will try to do some scrapbooking this weekend to share next week.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Congrat on the game win! I imagine due to the awesome coach!!!!!!

Welcome to the real world of diet,etc. You don't look like your body fat is up 2%. You look fabulous. Amazing how fast it comes on and how slow it goes off, huh? We won't talk about my body that would be a depressing subject!