Friday, July 03, 2009

Still no computer

My computer is still not in my possession. It apparently has a major issue. I am so so so thankful that all of my photos are on my external hard drive as it seems I have lost everything else that was on my computer. I guess it is running again, but everything disappeared on it. Another lesson in backing up what is important to you...for those who have not done that. I would have lost 5+ years of photos if I hadn't backed up. So anyway, that is the reason I have not posted any pictures recently.
What else...
*Carolina Liar was good, enjoyed it.
*I am so ready to have this baby...uncomfortable to say the least. Her head is very very low and making me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as of my appointment on Wednesday, nothing was happening.
*Waiting for my disc of photos to arrive from the maternity shoot. Will post some of those when I get them back.
*The new house is livable now and ready for baby. Got an offer on the old house, was terrible. Would have had to write a check for about $46,000 at closing!?!?! Seriously? They didn't appreciate my counter offer (which was a fair amount less than what I paid for it almost 5 years ago) and thus I still own 2 homes. I feel like I am being punished for other's financial irresponsibility/and or bad luck. I can't compete with foreclosures. Sucks. Gets a bit more stressful as the baby is coming soon....babies are expensive!!!!
*We have a bunch of wild turkeys that like to run through our yard at the the new house...that is one type of wildlife I have yet to experience at my home.
*That is all I can think of....hopefully I will get my computer back in working order this weekend and can start editing pics again and hopefully baby news soon! Have a lovely 4th.

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