Thursday, March 08, 2007

A brief recap

So to all of you waiting for a recap of my it is. Left a recently past through blizzard very early (for me) Saturday A.M. and arrived in Sunny southern CA...absolutely gorgeous weather there. After receiving my P.T. Cruiser (which we renamed Piece of Trash (P.T.) Cruiser...sorry to those to own one...didn't like it) I wandered to Laguna Beach. Very pretty as you can see in the pictures below. Basically just walked around, climbed some rocks, ate some frozen yogurt...that is about it.

Another view of the beach

A flower along the beach.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon driving up the coast, went to Newport Beach...stole some seashells for the girls. Went back to the hotel and had a nap. Was a bit tired due to the two hours of sleep the prior night (was having some concerns about flying =). Spent the evening with my lovely friend Jeannette.

Day #2. Can I first just say, that I actually ran 3 days that I was there in L.A. Went for a run outside this morning with my shorts and tshirt on and decided that it was almost too hot to run outside. What a problem to have =). Went to the The Getty Museum . Loved this place. Had beautiful gardens, a great view of Los Angeles, and of course great Art. It was so incredibly cool to look at real live famous paintings from people like Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, etc. It was pretty exciting (yes, I am a nerd). This was one of my favorites. There was something that was very stunning about it in real life. Don't know if you can appreciate that here.

This was a sculpture that was outside and it made me giggle. Reminded me of how I feel sometimes. Small on the top and large on the bottom =).

Went to supper that evening with my former partner Richard and Jeannette. Had mahi mahi tacos.....tasty.
Day #3
More A.M. running (miracle!). Went to the mall across the street to buy a tank top as I didn't bring enough warm weather clothes. Went to disneyland with J and her daughter. Had a lovely time. Thought this picture was pretty posing with the great Woody.

And the highlight of my disney trip....getting my picture taken with a fake captain Jack sparrow. Kind of sad when a 34 year old mom gets excited about a picture with a fake johnny depp =).

Day #4
Made the trip North to Santa Monica. Beautiful beach.

Had some awesome chicken tacos I've had, ever maybe. Rented a bicycle after lunch and rode around for an hour. Awesome bike path along the coast.

Went a couple miles south to Venice Beach. Interesting place. Seems to be a place where you could probably do about anything you desired, especially illegitimate types of things. Here is a mural that was on the wall of one of the buildings. While I was there I was bear hugged by some drunk/high/insane man. He wished me a merry christmas and happy birthday. I told him thank-you and that I had to be on my way. He was disappointed and told me to come back soon. I wasn't scared as there were about a thousand people around...more interesting than anything.

I then walked to the downtown area where they had a HUGE pedestrian mall with tons of cool shops. Could have stayed there for a long time. Finally decided to go home and experienced L.A. traffic. fun...took me over 2 hours to get back to the hotel. Could have run faster at times. Makes me appreciate my 5 minute commute =). Went to a play that night where J and her daughter were very excited to find some semi-famous dude in. I of course did not recognize him at all.
Day #5
Spent the majority of it on an airplane. That's it. My trip in brief. Have a lovely day.


Cindy said...

Wow ...what a wonderful wonderful week. Put your Getty Museum in my "favorites" so I could explore it later too. I am sure not as neat as in person. Could picture of you and Jeanette. Look at your mouths, etc. If you had longer hair do look like sisters! Cool. A daughter and another grandchild I never knew I had!!!!!!!!!! Envy your running...I tried doing burst of running the other day up hills and not a good idea for this 58 yr old woman. Now walking is a challenge with the knees ,etc.
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

Cindy said...

I guess I should have looked at my post first. That is suppose to be COOL picture of you and Jeanette!

shannon said...

sounds like a great trip!
loved the pics. welcome back!

Starla said...

Not Johnny Depp but just as cute :) Glad you had fun! I'm also quite glad your run-in with a crazy, drunk person went well. How nice of him to wish you a happy birthday and Merry Christmas!

angela said...

It sounds like a lovely trip! Iam jealous of the running outdoors. Love all the photos! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! :)