Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday already?

Had a busy weekend. Went to a church retreat thingy. It was good. I caused a bit of a stir during a question and answer session when the topic of murder/killing came up...my pacifistic (is that a word?) views aren't always the most popular =). Feeling a bit under the weather. Have been sick for about 3 weeks and don't seem to be getting better. Oh well...maybe someday. Might have to visit the sample closet soon...one of the perks of the job. Anyway, here is a layout of the lovely dr. marvasti. Have a lovely day!


Cindy said...

Take those drugs and get well!!!!!! :)
It must be nice to have a friend like Jeanette to feel so free with!

Starla said...

I would call her your sister! Yes, pacifistic is a word. :) Funny how my views on the matter have changed since being married to a military man.