Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guess I did okay.....

Or at least Bella thought so =)

On a side note, I guess tomorrow is Doctor's day (whatever that means?) and the clinic administration gave me a 3 lb 4 oz bag of m&m's....just what I needed...thanks.


Cindy said...

Oops....guess I didn't get my doctor anything for "Doctor's ??? Day" When is patient's day?

Very cute letter, by the way. I am sure that Bella is right!

Anonymous said...

Bah! At least ya got some M and Ms. I got a windshield protector thingy with the hospitals name plastered all over it. Remember the year we got drill? Now that was extraoridnarily useful.

Love you,

mjdf said...

So is Emma your assistant coach during soccer? I'm sure she would be quite happy to yell at everyone to 'GET THE BALL!' in her little maniac voice! Hee hee!

shannon said...

how cute. and what a thoughtful, healthy gift! ;o)
happy doctor's day!