Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good-bye for now

Here is another layout from this past weekend. Didn't scan very well. It is not quite so washed out in real life. These photos were taken 2 years ago when we first moved back to Iowa. Time really flies. Actually the layout from the prior post also had pictures taken from 2 years ago.

Heading out bright and early to sunny California on Saturday morning, unless the weather is not cooperating. We are having a major blizzard type thing going through right now, but it should all be under control by then, hopefully. Ice and airplanes just don't mix in my mind...makes me a bit nervous. Will be back Wednesday evening. I probably won't post when I am gone unless I have free access to a until then have a lovely week!


Cindy said...

be careful and have fun. We will miss you. Pretty nasty out here tonight too. Mjdf and family went home tonight. We will miss them too.

Heather said...

have fun!

angela said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! :)