Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last MMM layout

Here is the last layout from the MMM contest. I liked it, thought it told a cute story. So my entire entry is from this one down to my grandma laughing.

I tried something new tonight...cut the girls hair. Used scrapbook scissors. Even tried to layer it. I thought it didn't look like brain surgery, they are a good age to experiment and I could save some money...so I went for it. We'll see how it looks when it dries. They seemd to be pleased with the results =). Hope everyone is having a good night.


cld said...

Hey I commented last night and it doesn't show here this morning. Bummer. Not that what I said was so great

Anonymous said...

Lets see pictures of the new haircuts! Now you have a secondary profession...how much will you be charging?

Love you, Jeannette