Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nothing new here

Sorry, nothing exciting to talk about, no photos, no layouts, nothing. However.....I finally cleaned my office up. It has been a absolute complete disaster for about 3 months....seriously. It could be quite possible that I might start scrapbooking again now that I can walk through the room without stepping on something. I even printed some pictures out. We'll see what happens. So that is all for tonight, I must go watch my DVR'd Grey's Anatomy...very, very, important...trumps blogging anytime. Oh, I thought of something....might go to CA in March to hangout with my dear friend Dr. Marvasti...isn't she lovely? Actually, she might be taking a board review course and I'm going to mooch off of her hotel room and enjoy the beach if it is warm enough. I miss her =). Now off to watch Grey's.


cld said...

How exciting. Beats Iowa in March anyday!

angela said...

Sounds like fun. If you get super bored you can come visit moi :)

Enjoy Grey's and I am now taking back what I said about Mc Dreamy...He -is- hot. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you and the girls, I love you so much...Now take that horrid picture off your blog :)


Anonymous said...

love me some grey's! and i hear ya on the messiness!