Thursday, December 14, 2006

A bit of everything

*Enjoying the effects of global warming here in the great state of Iowa. 60 degrees, mid-December...can't complain.
*Really starting to enjoy my job more recently. Growing a practice is so hard. When you first start, nobody knows you, everyone is a stranger, not sure if they trust you, etc., etc. I hate it. Now, I have patients that I have been seeing since birth and are now close to 2 years old. It is great fun getting to know them and their parents, seeing how the parents really respect you and trust your opinion. I absolutely love it when a kid comes up to you and wants to hug you, wants you to hold them, brings you a picture, tell you that they love you. One of the best parts of the job. Of course there are those kids that scream the minute you walk into the room and will continue doing that until they hit age 5 =). Then it is pretty cool when a parent gives you a complement, telling you you look wonderful, how much they trust you, acting shocked that you could possibly have an 8 year old child as you don't look a day over 24 (got that one today...made my day) =). Of course they are sad things too...had my first patient diagnosed with cancer since I started in practice...very hard. Anyway, don't know why I am talking so much, just enjoying my job more I guess.
*I think my girlies are so talented artistically speaking. They spend HOURS drawing, coloring, pasting, stapling, gluing, painting. Here are two of their latest creations. Thought they did an excellent job.

Here is my artsy thing for the evening. Made this wreath with cardboard, buttons, glitter glue, ribbons. Copied the idea from HERE

*Enjoyed watching the biggest loser last night. SO IMPRESSIVE!!!! Check out the website if you are in serious need to be inspired to get your butt in gear and start working out and making some lifestyle changes. Speaking of that, it was a year ago that I had enough of how I looked and hired my personal trainer and really started watching my eating habits and took my workouts up a notch or two. Here is my frumpy before photo.

And a after photo taken last night prior to my socialness. {photo by the multi talented Bella}

Hope you are all doing well =).


cld said...

You and the girls are so talented! Love the wreath. You can always make your mama one!!!!!!!!
Also I am glad your job is going better. That makes me happy. I should only wish to look like your frumpy picture!

Angela Hancock said...

You were gorgeous before! I am so proud of your success both physically and professionally. You look so hot in the after photo meowwww.

Anonymous said...

you look amazing. love that dress! and woohoo on warm decembers. totally diggin it here too!

Starla said...

Glad to hear the practice is going well. I can relate since I have kids several years in a row. It's nice when the parents come to you for advice and trust your opinion. Lookin' good, by the way. Love that little black dress!
I'm with your mom--if only to look like the frumpy picture!!!

Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

way cool wreath, way way cool you, and your daughters artwork...amazing! i'm so glad i can keep up with you this way...even though i never comment...i'm a bad friend! still, blogs likes this are the highlight of my day! have a merry Christmas!