Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Wednesday

This week is pretty cool...only working 2.5 days. Could totally deal with that on a full time basis. Unlikely to happen, but I can always dream, right?

Here is a never before seen layout, at least here on the old blog. You can find this one in Creating Keepsakes Annual Idea book which came out a couple of months ago. I believe it is on page 39. Don't actually have a copy of it yet. Please notice the photo of the three of us in the corner...mother/doctor approved Mt. Dew in my child's hand...just wanted to point that out.

I went to a basketball coach's meeting tonight. I am officially one of the coach's of Bella's basketball team. It was kind of interesting. It was me, one other woman and about 30 guys at the meeting. Felt a little outnumbered. I certainly wasn't as cool as the one dude with his Air Jordans, NBA socks, and basketball shorts on. Oh fellow coach said he was an anesthesiologist...again, me being a lowly pediatrician, just can't compete with that =P. Feeling a little inadequate at the moment (ha!). Anyway, hope you are all having a good day! BTW, my new computer is in "production"...yeah!!! Can't wait until it gets here, going through photo withdrawel.


mjdf said...

you're a coach!!! so cool! i don't think i would know enough about basketball to coach (try to make baskets and dribble the ball if you're moving!) maybe that's all you need to teach at this level. :) anyway, way to go on that and keep your faithful blog followers posted on the joys of coaching.

cld said...

Wow I am impressed. You are a coach? Will we see you at the Iowa University level some day. You should do awesome since you were a BIG BB star in your day. (Doesn't that your day...make you feel rather old?) I am sure Jenny Hobbs could loan you her sweatband, and arm bands and knee pads from the olden days so you can look professtional too!!!!! How often are these games? What does Emma do during these games....keep statistics??????