Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of Memory

I am having computer issues at home. I have gotten the "out of memory" error message quite a few times over the last few days. It seems to not be handling the large amount of photos and such that I like to throw at it on a regular basis very well. Still trying to figure out the best course of action for the poor ancient (4 years) thing. Bella would be very pleased if I got a new one as I told her she could have the old one whenever I happened to get a new one. But not sure that would be the financially responsible thing to do. Anyway, Bella has a Christmas program tonight. Went over my lunch hour today to run a few errands (no I did not work out today, I'm a little sick and need to rest =) and picked her up a cute skirt, sweater, and boots to wear...all at the very fashionable Walmart. I've been neglecting her clothing lately and she sure hasn't been dressing very nicely...feeling a little bit bad about that, but the kid keeps growing like crazy! Looking all ratty and sometimes the color combos she picks out are quite interesting. For the most part I let her wear what she wants though...gives her some control over her life =). Anyway, she will be quite excited about the boots I think. I'll take some pictures of her and the program, but until the computer is fixed you are all out of luck as it won't let me even transfer anything new onto it. Well must go work. Have a good day.

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cld said...

How very very sad. About your computer I mean! Can you buy a dell through our company (using it's name.) I got mine for around $600-700 with a $100 rebate. Not too bad. Flat screen monitor and all. Anxious to see Bella. If your pictures do not load soon bring them this weekend.