Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Wednesday

Another Wednesday....another half day off. Truly love my Wednesday afternoons. Even though I mostly run errands and other stuff like that, it is still just "me" time. Tonight I am also being social, which I am really looking forward to. It has been quite a while since I have been social. It is amazing what a little socialness will do for the mood. *sigh*...the life of a social reject =). After I am done being social I will probably watch The Biggest Loser. This is the other show I watch (you of course know my other obsession is Grey's =). This is the season finale I believe which is the best one to get to enjoy the fruits of their efforts without the pain of following the whole season I totally find these people inspiring. They have made total transformations of their bodies the good old fashioned way...working their butts off. Very inspiring. Anyway, here are some pictures to look at. I started this book last year. Each year I take our family Christmas card and put it in here. I have about 8 years in the book. So here is the front cover.

This was last years card...

Last years entry was interactive...pretty fancy, huh? I put the little letter I sent with the cards here.

This is this years card. I'm actually on it...scary. No interactive components this letter for those of you who will be receiving the actual card. Sorry. Really didn't feel like a "year in review" letter this year =)....might be too depressing, not very christmasy.


Laura Solomon said...

I recently found your blog. I have always found you to be an excellent designer. I can really feel the heartstring pulling re: the *different* holiday card this year. I have been where you are- in the midst of awkward change.
God bless you and keep you filled with dignity and grace during this time of adjustment.
xox Laura Solomon

cld said...

I agree with the above person in everything she said about the excellent designer and you being filled with dignity and grace. I would like to see the other pages in the Christmas book.
Agree with you about the Biggest Loser. They definately are an inspiration. It was amazing. I watched the finale last night. Wow.

Starla said...

Love the card book idea. The picture this year is beautiful. Seems to signify the strength and closeness between you and the girls. Very cool!

angela said...

The card this year made me tear up. It really does show how close you three girls are during this time. Have fun being social!

mjdf said...

I like the card too. Do I get one???? : ) I also watched the Biggest Loser finale and bawled my way through it.