Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Happy Wednesday

Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well. Had as always a nice half day off. Didn't accomplish too much today, but had fun bumming around. Worked, went to the gym where I ran 3 miles in my pretty new running shoes {I retired my old ones after 2 years of service}, lifted upper body weights and talked for awhile to this guy who has been a friend since he witnessed me falling off of the treadmill twice in one day sometime last year (yeah...I'm smooth =). Came home to find some scrapbooking supplies in my mailbox, which always makes me happy. Got a call from the great and lovely Dr. Marvasti of the fine state of Idaho, who I think I'm going to go see in March and then got to talk to the lovely Nurse Charlesworth. I love those guys =). Went to get my hair cut, looks not too bad. Made the layout below. Made some pizza for supper. Took the girls to church. Went to Walmart while they were there and found some cheapo fabric for the seat of my $1.99 chair I saved from Goodwill. The girls are snug in bed and actually quiet (scary!) and now I'm updating this lovely blog. Aren't you all happy I shared that all =).
My lovely mother gave me an early b-day present...they arrived yesterday. These are my pretty new dishes. Hard to appreciate but they are a bit distressed. I wanted something rather timeless so I don't need to buy any more. They make eating so much fun (like I had to convince myself of that)....makes the food look pretty. My previous dishes were very obnoxious, non matching...some of which looked very 80ish, the rest were okay but not my style anymore. Anyway, I'm enjoying these babies....thanks mom!

Here is my layout, all supplies are from the December Scrappy Giraffe Kit . Emma last Christmas (2005) sitting on Santa's lap. She was so funny with Santa that Christmas. Very demanding...telling exactly what she wanted (drum and harmonica) and where exactly to put it under the tree. By the way....Emma's face seems to be a bit skewed from the scanning process, in real life it is symmetrical and quite cute.

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mjdf said...

sounds like a lovely day you had. i'm impressed by the three miles thing - i've got to get my butt in gear if i ever hope to run with you someday!