Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm back!!!

Perhaps 2007 is my lucky year!! Got to be better than 2006. I timed getting my computer perfectly. It is so big and pretty. I'm in computer heaven. I can edit photos at lightening pace, listen to music and browse the internet all at the same time without crashing anything. Quite exciting. So anyway, here are some photos. Some of the 1000 million (as Bella would put it) cookies that we made. I'm still finding icing in odd places around the house. =).

Here is the desk. I don't know if you can truly appreciate it's ugliness as the drawers and hardware aren't visable in this photo. $15.99. Quite a deal =).

Here is the after. It is much cuter in person. Not quite so baby blue as it looks here. It is more of an aqua. The color is called carribean holiday (reflecting where I would love to be right now). I guess if you truly want to appreciate it you'll have to come visit me. I tried to get new hardware, but they weren't a typical size so I ended up painting them too. It actually turned out well.

Here is a closer look. I got a little crazy with the sandpaper....grunging it up a bit.

Well must go and explore my new computer a bit more. Have a good day!


angela said...

Great job with the desk! Enjoy your new toy! :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo on the new computer. the desk looks great!

Starla said...

congrats on the new computer! How did we ever manage without them?