Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Babies

Today new members were added to our family...Ashland Nora (5 lb 9 oz) and Marika Grace (5 lb 3 oz). They are my brother and his wife's lovely new children. So cool.

Last night at about 11 pm I went and shoveled the driveway. It actually was a beautiful night, a nice workout (my puny little back muscles are sore today). Shoveled some more today. We got about 6 inches I think. Got home a little early today and Bella and I sledded down the back hill a bit. It was pretty fun. Here is Bella. Emma thought it was too cold so she watched from the house.

You might have noticed I have a new is a little large, but I like it. Made that tonight. Also made this layout. It was in response to Ali E's newsletter I'm a little late, but you were to pick a word that you kind of wanted to use to define your new year. I chose the word hope. Here it is. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know I wasn't going just made the banner. I was wondering. How far can you go slide down your hill? Looks like fun but I agree with Emma...too cold!
Like your word Hope. That is a good word. I would like to see your layouts in person since I can't ever read any of them because of the blurryness!!

mjdf said...

I like the banner too! Also cool layout. Very good word for the year. Happy sledding and stay warm today! A bit chilly out here.

angela said...

Congratulations on the new arrivals! The banner looks wonderful! I think you picked a great word and the layout is lovely!

shannon said...

cute banner. so need to make my page. got my word tho!