Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A drawing, quotes, and my day

Here is a drawing Bella did a few days ago. I thought it was quite good....she is quite the artist. I asked her a few times if she traced it and she said no. It is a rock star.

Speaking of rock stars, Emma, who would like to be a rock star when she grows up has a new dislike for vegetables. She used to eat any and all of them, now she won't. Recent quotes: "Vegetables are very dangerous mommy" and "I'm allergic to peas". Interesting and cute.
I had a good day. Wandered around a bit...went to Half Price Books and sold some books that were gathering dust. Only made $7.50, but I guess that is $7.50 that previously didn't have. Also went to Penzey spice store . That place is almost like the scrapbook store to me. I love to buy spices =). And they have lots of cool ones that I have been looking for forever and can never find at regular grocery stores like different kinds of chile powder for example. Very cool place. Then went to see my trainer...pretty sure I won't be able to feel my legs tomorrow. Tonight went to Target while the girls were at church and picked up a few things...exciting things like paper towels and napkins, but also got some pajamas. Don't know why, but I love Target pajamas. They make me happy. Had a free coupon for a Glade light show scented oil warmer, which I never would have paid for, but when I brought it home the girls absolutely flipped over it which of course caused a big fight as to whose bed it would be closer to...*big sigh*....I can't win with the whole bedtime thing. There always seems to be some sort of problem. Oh well, overall a good day. Hope yours was too.


Cindy said...

Really cool picture. That would be really cool matted and framed. Tell Bella to make me a cool picture and I will put it on my wall. I plan to go to Target this weekend. Can never have too much "Targeting"!

chris said...

penzey's is the best! I love trying all their different cinnamons. Though, our family favorite is Brady Street. (Cathy Z. is a big fan too.)