Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter finally here

Well, it finally appears that winter has arrived in Iowa. Got a touch of snow yesterday and it starting snowing this afternoon and is still going strong. Took this picture today while it was still light out.

The girls enjoyed a little sledding this afternoon on the bit of snow that was available. They had a lot of fun.

I worked this weekend, was on call so didn't accomplish a whole lot other than talk on the phone for many hours....fevers, vomit, peeing, pooping, coughing, snotty noses, lice, swallowed stuff like that. That is about all I know. Have a lovely day.


shannon said...

i love snow/ice on trees. great pics. hear that this lovely weather is headed our way...

Anonymous said...

Is that a bird in your tree picture? Lovely. Look like the girls had fun in the snow. Wonder if they will have school today? cld

Anonymous said... blind can I be. When did you change the picture at the top of your blogg. Tell me you just did it yesterday???????