Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My baby is 4

Happy Birthday to my Emma (yesterday). She turned 4. We celebrated by going to Chuck E. Cheese. We took her best friend Gracie...whose head is the dominate one in the picture, followed a close second by my head. Poor Bella and Emma kind of got pushed to the side. It was hard to get everyone to cooperate with the chuck e. cheese photo machine. We had fun, won some tickets, got some dinky prizes, ate some average pizza, ate some dora cupcakes and then went across the street and enjoyed dairy queen ice cream. We came home and Emma opened her presents. Her favorite was the barbie dress up dress and slippers.
Today I shocked her by making her get her kindergarten shots. She did so well, very brave. I told her when she got those shots we would go to Target and she could pick something out. She picked her favorite thing "lipstick" (chapstick or lipgloss) and those paper plates that have animal faces and ears. Strange child =). I got off easy.
Here is another layout I made last weekend.

Getting ready to go to CA in a few days. A little nervous about leaving the girls and flying, etc. Well, hope you are all having a lovely day.

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