Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And so it continues...

My lack of motivation is continuing. Excuses? Of course. I am getting sick, which is lovely. Soccer 3x per week...I am NOT a soccer mom, yuck. I continue to watch season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. I did accomplish some things today though:
*did a training session with my PT, muscles will be sore tomorrow
*upgraded my cell phone to the Motorola RAZR which is super cool, skinny...fits in my pocket. I like it.
*Bought a couple of shirts at Target for the girls for the photos
*Showered and did my hair for the photos (can I tell you about the ionic hair dryer? Totally cool. Instead of 45 minutes to dry my hair {which would make it look like I put my finger in a light socket} it takes like 10 and without the frizz...thank you Angela for informing me of this marvelous invention)
*Took the girls for a yearly photo at Target. Also got one of the 3 of us together. They were okay. Probably my least favorite session though out of all the times I've taken them there. I was going to show you the photos, but they are not online yet.
*Took the girls to their church thingy
*Played with my cell phone
*Printed photos for the October layouts I still need to do for Scrappy Giraffe
Things I still need to do tonight:
*watch Grey's anatomy =)
That's all for tonight. Maybe I'll have some photos tomorrow to show you.


Angela Hancock said...

Ionic Rocks and so does the Razr. I hope you feel better soon. Watch a few episodes of Grey's and I am sure you feel better in am.! :)

cld said...

I would say you accomplished quite a bit really. Hope you feel better by this weekend. Looking forward to the pictures.