Friday, September 22, 2006

What's your real age?

Found this website today. Real Age . I am apparently chronologically 33.7 years (which sounds quite scary to me), but because of good habits am actually only 28.3. Actually I am probably 25.3 but he who shall remain unnamed added 3 years to my life (that's it? hee, hee) with our situation. I'm thinking though since I'm doing so well I'm going to call myself 25. That sounds good =). Things I could improve on....take my vitamin everyday instead of sporadically, decrease my driving speed (ha!), don't talk on my cell phone when I drive and get a dog (apparently Betty the crazy Idaho cat doesn't cut it). I think that dog thing would add about 10+ years to my age.

As usual, I don't actually have a copy of it, but I have a layout in this book which is now available through amazon and scrapbook stores. I apparently made the table of contents with my picture and my layout is on p. 104. It is the most personal layout I have ever done. Don't look at it unless you need a good cry =). Just warning you.

I obviously haven't seen it, but it should be a good book. Takes a detour from the usual happiness that we tend to document in scrapbooking and goes into less pleasant topics, less than perfect photos, less than perfect situations. Anyway, that is all for now. Have a great day.


cld said...

It is a good book. Rather sad for the most part (or at least the ones I got read already) Very disappointed that your picture and bio did not appear with your LO but oh well. We who love you know who you are already!

mjdf said...

I saw it at Mom's today and thought it was very good. Made me rather teary-eyed with remembering my miscarriages and all the emotions with it as I read your scrapbook page on yours. I really liked it though. Thanks for sharing it.

angela said...

Congrats on the 25 year old age. :)
I am dying to get a copy of the book. I have heard so many good things about it. :)

Emilie Ahern said...

So...I did my age and it was 30.2, which I was pretty impressed by considering I am 29 and I NEVER exercise!

I hope to see the scrapping book soon. Sounds right up my alley!

shannon said...

congrats! will check it out!