Friday, September 15, 2006


Alright, I did this last year and it didn't work out so well, but I think this year is different =). Tomorrow my beloved hawkeyes play the very evil nasty Iowa State Cyclones. I hope we kick their butts. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is Bella's birthday party. We are having pizza, pop, cake and doing crafty making lip gloss, jewelry, painting stuff. Should be fun...I hope. Only one is spending the night, the rest I'm sending home. So I should have some fun photos from that to share soon. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Starla said...

Yes, but the mighty Buckeyes top the Big 10. GO BUCKS!

cld said...

Don't listen to Starla!!!! :) Sorry Starla. Just until the Hawks play the buckeyes! (I hope)
Sounds like you will have fun tonight.

mjdf said...

I remember watching that wretched game last year with you at your place. But I agree, this year will be different and the Hawks will triumph! Tell Bella happy birthday from me (though a bit late).