Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last post.....

for awhile. Heading off to the big city of Chicago tomorrow after work. Going to meet my friend Angela . Going to do some shopping and whatever. Should be fun. I believe it has been about 15 years since I have gone on a trip with a friend, seriously. Pretty sad, huh?

I am in pain today. My whole body hurts. I've been trying to kick up my workouts a notch since my appetite has returned over the past week....and I'm really feeling it today. Found a cool website today. It is free and similar to the type of thing the bodybugg website lets you do (except of course minus the cool stuff the bodybugg does). But it does allow you to log all your food and workouts in, makes recommendations for calorie intake, workouts, menus, analyzes the nutritional content of your diet, etc. I was looking for something like the bodybugg site, but free cause I had a adolescent patient coming in that I was going to do some nutritional counseling with. Oh by the way, the obesity epidemic that you hear about in kids, is very'd be amazed.

Took some photos tonight. Tried to get some of Emma. She unlike her sister, does not like to pose for the camera. Got her kicking the ball.

And then this is her evil look given when she doesn't want me to take anymore pictures of her...which she gave me after about one picture =).

Here is Bella tonight at soccer practice kicking some butt while they were running. The rest of the girls were so far behind they weren't in the picture. That's my girl =).

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shannon said...

have fun in the chi!
love the angry face. and am totally checking out that website!