Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Wednesday

I wish everyday was Wednesday. I love having the afternoon off. Could do that every day and be very happy. Got to spend some much needed time to myself this afternoon. I stayed home all afternoon as I was waiting on the satellite T.V. guy to come. Yes...after 21 months with only 4-5 channels, I caved and bought T.V. Not sure why. I miss watching the football games, etc. and just decided to do it. It's pretty cool. I got a DVR with it which I will love. I already have Grey's Anatomy scheduled so that I can start watching season 3 after I finish season 2. Then took the girls to their bible school tonight...and enjoyed even more time alone =). Good day =).
Here are some layouts from the September 3 scrappy boys kit. Can I just put a disclaimer in here? I DON'T DO CUTE. I'm not cute, my personality is not cute, nothing about me is cute. And I don't scrapbook cute. So needless to say, I struggle greatly with "cute" products (also along with themed products if you remember last month). Yuck. Anyway, maybe someone will enjoy these (I don't =). Have a great day.


cld said...

Sounds like an enjoyable Weds. I had fun on my Weds PM too. (I get it off too...just like a Dr.)
I think your LO's are nice. Cute but nice!!!!!!!
They aren't you but I would be happy with them! (even if I'm not cute either) Did you do them all in one day?????? Amazing if you did. Actually amazing even if you didn't!

mjdf said...

I don't think they're bad either. Maybe the first one is a bit cutesy, but not too bad after that. Maybe I should just give you all my pictures and you can scrapbook them for me. You did a lovely job on our family one. : ) (And Mom, what were you doing up at 2:22 commenting on this page???)

Starla said...

I really can't see you getting into the cutesy stuff, but you did a great job. I do understand your Grey's obsession, by the way. I did the same thing with Lost. I might need to do it with Grey's too since it's now on at 9 instead of 10. I might actually be able to stay awake to watch it.

shannon said...

they're wonderful! glad you had some me time!

Emilie Ahern said...

Such cute LOs!!!