Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy weekend

Another weekend gone...that sucks. I really need some more time off. I am actually going to get a few days off in another month. I actually did buy a ticket to CA and am going to go for 5 myself (!!). My ticket is non-refundable so I guess I'm stuck going =). Going to see my Idaho friends. Looking forward to that (except the plane ride). Does anyone have this book yet? I *think* I'm supposed to have a layout in it, just wondering if it made it in.

This is the one that is supposed to be in it. It is pretty old by now, probably a couple years since I made it.

In other very serious news, I received a call earlier this evening from my office manager that my nurse's husband fell down the stairs and is in the ICU with major brain injuries. Don't really know much else than that, but if you are the praying type, they could use yours.
Thanks to the new commenters, I appreciate them all =). Have a good day.

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angela said...

Weekends...they are nver long enough. Glad you are taking a trip! You know you can always come visit moi :)